a Christmas Gift Guide for Kids to help choose what to put under the tree this year

It’s been snowing like crazy here in Manchester today so it’s definitely a sign that it’s time to start thinking about Christmas.

In our family we’ve got children with such a wide range of ages, from babies up to Teenagers so it can hard to decide what to get them. Tastes change throughout the year, there’s always something ‘new’ on the market so I’ve pulled together some ideas for a Christmas Gift Guide for Kids to help make that choice.

First up we’ve got a fun book from My Kingdom Books. I love that this book is personalised with the child’s name throughout the story but it goes one step further than other personalised books as there’s also an app to bring the book to life.

For the K’Nex fans there’s the fab K-FORCE Flash Fire Motorised Blaster or the K’NEX Electric Inferno Roller Coaster Building Set. I have two nephews that will absolutely love these. They are both really into building and seeing how things work. They’ll love being able to construct their own toys then see them in action.

For the younger ones there’s the Tiggly range. We’ve been sent the Tiggly Maths Toys and Learning Game for Archie and I’m sure he’s going to love it. It’s different from the usual apps as there’s the actual toys you have to use with it so it seems much more engaging and interacting than simply just using a standard app.

If the kids are a fan of puzzles then the Smart Games Colour Code Brainteaser Game is perfect. The game uses coloured shapes on a see through tile, you can then stack the tiles to recreate the pattern. It’s a fun brainteaser for ages 5+

We’re a big fan of LeapFrog toys in our house. We had lot’s when Brandon was little and have lot’s again now we have Archie. The LeapFrog Melody The Musical Turtle is a favourite with Archie as it’s bright & noisy! He loves hitting all the buttons, trying his hardest to copy the numbers.

We had some fun reviewing the Vtech Toot-Toot Friends Enchanted Princess Palace Playset. Archie absolutely loved it. I’ve had to hide it until we next visit my niece and hand it over! It’s such a fun playset with lights and sounds for hours of fun. You can read our review here, there’s also a video too.

And last but not least how about a comfy Babyface Gingham Beanbag Armchair instead of a toy? Archie loves his little chair, we have it in his toy corner with his books so we can sit and read together. He also loves dragging it to his LEGO table and plonking himself down to play.

Have you already bought your Christmas presents or will you be adding some of these to your list?


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