5 Top tips for planning the perfect baby shower
Congratulations, you’re going to be an aunt! Your sister is 8 months pregnant, so it’s up to you to throw a baby shower and invite all of her family and friends. A baby shower will be a welcome distraction for your very pregnant sister, and you want to make sure it’s a day to remember.
The expecting couple is excited to get those baby necessities from their registry as well as some other unique baby shower gifts. Now, before you send out the invitations, you have to get your plans in order!


Choosing a gift for a person that hasn’t been born yet can be tough, but you have several ways that you can go about it. The first type of gift is the practical gift. This is really a gift for the parents, such as a diaper bag or a bouncy seat – something they really need.

Another option is to get a more sentimental gift, like a favorite children’s book. Check if the mom to be has a gift registry somewhere. If so, stick to that list and encourage guests to do so as well. Then you know for sure the gifts will be a hit!


The invitations should go with the overall theme of the party.
There are many different baby shower themes and you should keep the mom to be’s style and tastes in mind when choosing one. Some moms like to go all out with the baby theme, while others might prefer a more sleek and sophisticated aesthetic.

Chances are, if you’re planning the baby shower, you know the mom to be well enough to know her style. Another easy way to choose is if the baby nursery has already been decorated – just match the party theme to the nursery theme!


The main things to keep in mind when planning the menu are the dietary restrictions of a pregnant woman and the fact that your guests will want substantial food (don’t just put out cheese and crackers!). If the mom to be has been craving, or just really likes, a certain type of food than go with that as your meal plan. You should definitely offer some non-alcoholic cocktails, but it’s ok to have alcohol for the non-pregnant guests.


People either love party games or hate them, so definitely check with the mom to be first to find out what her feelings are on the subject. If she is ok with games, make sure they aren’t potentially embarrassing or too over the top. Remember that their might parents, grandparents or coworkers in attendance. Try something like baby themed bingo or have guests bring baby pictures of themselves and have everyone guess who’s who.


Decorations should be bought with your theme in mind.
Again, make sure this aligns with the mom to be’s style and tastes. A nice idea is to use decorations and table settings that double as party favors your guests can take home. Use bright colored candy or little pots of herbs.

Bouquets of baby’s breath make really nice, on theme, floral arrangements – and they’re cheap! Lastly, while decorating, make sure you have enough seating for the number of guests you’re inviting. If you notice you’re low, ask around the family to look for extra chairs!

A baby shower is a low key event to celebrate a new baby and it’s mother. Throwing a classy, well planned event will be a lasting memory the mom to be will have you to thank for!

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