Bottle coolers are useful items to have in any sociable situation. Whether this be for a camping trip, a homemade meal or a fine dining experience, they are the perfect tools for keeping a bottle of wine or beer fresh and ready for your company to enjoy. This list will ensure that the bottle cooler you choose is fit for purpose and ready to please your guests just as much as it will please you!


Whether you choose a small or large product made of stainless steel or plastic, accompanied by either a double-glazed door or glass window, the effectiveness of a bottle cooler lies in how well you can optimize your interior or exterior space with its presence. Being sold in either 15 inch or 24 inch varieties as eBay explains, be sure to pick a cooler that is bound to draw attention from your guests or customers. With a glass door, there is potential to visibly display a number drinks for your guests to choose from. A sliding door can smooth out the routine of your staff drawing a bottle without fear of a door rattling the alternative bottles. Thus, the material of said cooler becomes an integral part of its capabilities!


Although most coolers are designed to be stationary in a home, restaurant or bar, there are some that are light enough to be taken on car trips and camping! An effective research idea is to understand what uses you will be personally getting out of your cooler. Will it be for clients or for yourself? If for yourself, then indulge in a smaller, more transportable, version of a cooler and treat yourself to a well cooled wine or beer!


Whilst branded products, like Corr Chilled bottle coolers, may provide top notch coolers, many buyers fall into the trap of looking for a cheap, unbranded appliance. Whilst they may resemble a branded cooler, they will require more energy to maintain and lack the proper insulation to keep the temperature of your drinks at perfection. To avoid paying for maintenance and energy costs, find a brand that contains cyclopentane insulation. Researching this will ensure that you can avoid any hidden costs for the proper insulation of your product in the future.
Design and aesthetic

If you are willing to spend a little more money on your cooler, don’t be afraid to consider different features that may enhance its aesthetic, as KoolMax advises. Nowadays, coolers can be enhanced by external materials, such as its colour, metallic structure or size and interior LED lights, allowing for people to view your drinks, as well as optimum glass windows that can save the energy of your cooler by retaining the cold within the interior. These extensions can help you save money on your cooler and also improve the appearance of the appliance altogether! Its modern aesthetic can charm anyone and fit any colour scheme of a room. It will do nothing but improve the aesthetic appeal of your bar or room altogether!


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