Expert tips for the perfect bike shed

So you’re thinking about having a bike storage shed? It’s about time too! If you are anything like us then you are are gathering quite the collection: your kid’s bikes, your trail bike, your road bike and more. Having your own storage unit for your bicycles will really come in handy and keep them in great condition throughout the years.

Now it just comes to building a shed or buying one. We opted to build one, well when I we say I mean the hubby. If you are wondering just how you are going to build the storage shed so that it keeps your bikes secure whilst providing them with a quality shelter, then we have got some expert tips. With the right tools and a few extra hands on board, you will be surprised just how easy it can be. These tips can also help you decide in choosing the right shed if ever you decide to buy one.

Following these guidelines will get you well on your way to having the best bike storage shed possible. Here’s what you need to know:


Getting some information from your local council or state regarding their laws for personal construction projects is essential. It will make the whole process run smoother and ensure the longevity for a number of bike sheds no matter what the shape of size. There may be some regulations you’ll need to abide by and you may need to look into getting a permit too.


Consider how many bikes you have the size of those bikes and whether you will be using the shed to store anything else. Doing so will help you see the bigger picture and ensure you have everything in place. You’ll also need a good sturdy foundation where you’re going to place the shed. The foundation should give the shed a strong grounding to help it withstand the harsh environmental elements. When choosing the perfect spot, you must consider important aspects such as accessibility and convenience.

Beautiful vintage bike & basket in duck egg blue


If you have not got the tools of the trade already, you will need to stock up on the various building materials you’ll need. For example, wooden shelves will need to be pressurized first and be used with a water sealing compound. But, if you lack the tools (and the skills) then just purchase a shed instead. It will be much more convenient than having to build one from scratch.


The material you choose will either make or break your shed. Experts say that the material the shed is made from will predict its longevity and dictate how you design it. A hard-wearing material that holds up against the wind and water so a high level of resistance is key. If you are looking for something simplistic and highly durable, timber is the one which only requires maintenance rarely. Plastic is another option if you want to move your shed around and cater for smaller gardens/budgets.

Now you have some expert tips to help you whenever you’re planning to have a bike shed, you now have some great knowledge to get the process moving. Once you get the fundamentals down, you can have a bike shed and start storing your bikes somewhere much more convenient.

If you want a convenient method, purchase bike storage sheds. You can just place them wherever you like them to be without any hassle. Check out reputable sellers or suppliers so you can get the best quality possible.


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