When I received the invite from Xtreme Chewits to try out Extreme Sledging at Chill FactorE I couldn’t wait to shout B downstairs & tell him, this is definitely up our street. I was gutted though as I didn’t have childcare for my little man so I just had to be a spectator for the day whilst B had the time of his life! He was completely in his element as when we arrived the tables were full of Xtreme Chewits which were demolished in minutes by @messedupmum’s 14 year old brother, his friend & my B, Ally & I couldn’t resist a try though & they are SOUR! We even got a goody bag to take home so B took all the Xtreme Chewits & me and Dad ate all the normal Chewits 🙂

After stuffing our faces we headed off to get kitted up, once B had all his gear on I headed up to the viewing gallery to keep snug & warm with my little man and to watch B hit the slopes. If you ever decide to go to Chill FactorE you need serious clothing, its bloody cold on the slopes, and even on the viewing gallery but you can view from behind the glass like I did. Firstly B had a go at Airboarding, which was basically throwing yourself down the smaller slope face first, and by the look on his face he was having a complete ball. The second hour was the Extreme Sledging, a whole 180m slope! It would have took some guts for me to do that but I think I would’ve have tried it as they eased you in by starting half way first before trekking to the top of the slope!

I’m definitely planning on going back again, its a great day out and not just for families, the slopes were full of boarders & skiers of all ages

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