We have been a very lucky family and were asked to take part in a Family Fitness campaign with Argos. We’re a very outdoors-y family and love going camping, out walking with the dog or out on our bikes together so this challenge was absolutely perfect for us.

The boys & I all wore fitness trackers, I had the Fitbit Flex & the boys both had a Misfit Flash. As part of the challenge we had to keep track of our daily activities, be it playing, swimming, biking or walking the dog, and our mood before and after the activity, and wear a fitness tracker. The tracker would monitor our activity (number of steps over the course of the day) and also our quality of sleep.

The great thing about the Misfit is that you can clip it to clothing or pop it in your pocket which was great for Archie. I clipped it to the back of his trousers whenever we did a fitness activity. As soon as he realised it was there he whipped it off but we still got some great results. I didn’t put it on Archie to monitor his sleep as I thought it would be too risky given his age & Autism but I only wake when he does so my results would’ve been very similar to his.

Unfortunately it didn’t exactly go to plan as both the hubby & teenager broken bones in separate mountain bike accidents. Yes, separate accidents both on the same day! Although we did have a couple of days out & about, our #FamilyFitness challenge mainly revolved around long dog walks, trips to the park & lots of playing outside in the garden. We still had a great time.

Argos provided us with some amazing equipment. Archie got his Little Tikes sand & water table (it’s amazing, if you haven’t read my review you really should), Brandon got lots of football equipment including a new football & gloves, plus we also received a bike seat. I can’t wait for summer when we can all go riding together, minus the accidents & broken bones!

Here’s what we got up to:

Lot’s & lot’s of dog walking!

We’re very lucky that we have some lovely walks right on our doorstep that are both safe for Archie to be out of his buggy & the dog off his lead. This way we all get lot’s of exercise rather than me just pushing Archie in the buggy. The teenager also takes the dog for a walk every day after school so plenty of exercise all round.

Trips to the park

I love our local park, rather than it simply being just a playground there’s a beautiful ‘woodland walk’ that we all love, plus there’s tennis courts & five a side pitches to encourage the kids to get out and play.

Archie loves running round & round the Band Stand and playing in the playground and Brandon can head to the footy pitch for an hour with all his new gear while we play so that he doesn’t have to be embarrassed by his mum!

Having Fun in the garden

You can’t beat a bit of fun in the garden, getting outside & moving. Archie loves his new sand & water table so he’s happy to head out in the garden, especially when I chase him around the slide! We don’t have a big garden, we’d never fit a trampoline in, but that doesn’t stop us from getting moving outside I just have to think of new ways to get my little man moving his little legs and it’s usually the simple things that are the most fun!

The Results

Unsurprising, on the days we were most active the Teenager slept better & longer, Archie on the other hand did not. Although what was really interesting with Archie was that we found whilst being under active meant a bad night, being over active was even worse. Those nights that you think to yourself, he’s tired out he’ll definitely sleep turned out to be the nights he was over stimulated and didn’t go to sleep until late. Using the tracker meant that I found a good balance of when was best to be active with Archie and for how long. I’ll be really interested to get the full results back in June.

I’m already planning what activities we’ll be getting up to in the May school holidays, hopefully that bike seat will be getting lot’s of use!

What do you do to keep active as a family?

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  1. May 21, 2015 / 10:25 am

    Oh no! What a terrible day – two broken bones in one day! How are your husband and son doing now? that water table looks fab, my kids would really enjoy that too. Your doggie is so cute. I hope all is well for your family this week xx

  2. May 26, 2015 / 12:58 pm

    Such a great post! Being at Bluestone last week reminded us that we need to get outdoors far more than we do at home. This year I can’t wait for us to go camping, even if it’s only for one weekend!

    Thanks so much for linking #toddlerapprovedtuesday, remember you can post your in the facebook group and on pinterest too! xx
    Leandra recently posted…|LEARN|shaving foam number smashMy Profile

  3. May 28, 2015 / 12:29 am

    Gosh, that is so interesting about Archie’s sleep. Do you think you might have instinctively known that before you started or was this a total eyeopener?
    Such a lovely post, and your photos are just gorge! Love your fellow #familyfitness buddy 😉 hxx
    hannah mum’s days recently posted…Introducing Mums’ Days Fit Club and Protest!My Profile

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