It’s now two months after my emergency spinal operation and I’m starting to feel like I’m finally on the mend. It’s been driving me mad not being able to be as active as I’m used to, and I know its not a priority but I feel like I’ve been putting on weight too so I’m ready to start getting back into exercising.

The gym membership is staying on temporary hold at the moment as I know I’ll end up over doing it at the gym or not getting my money’s worth out of the monthly fee but I am in the market for a road bike, such as the ones provided by Fat Birds, to start cycling again.

I used to love being out on the bikes, on our honeymoon in Lake Garda we made the most of the cycle hire going out every day around the lake even when pregnant. It was a great way to be out & about, getting lot’s of exercise & fresh air.

We’ve recently upgraded Archie’s bike seat to a bigger model ready for our holiday in Cornwall in a few weeks and I really want to be able to join the hubby & teenager in a few bike rides along the coast. I don’t want to overdo it on our holiday so I’m planning on getting back in the saddle & going on a few short local bike rides.

I’ll have to make sure its nothing strenuous or uphill as I don’t want to do any further damage, plus I’ll be lowering the seat & raising the handle bars a little to encourage a better posture rather than hunching over which should help.

Until I know I’m able to handle cycling properly again Archie’s seat will be staying on Daddy’s bike but I’m looking forward to getting back in the saddle again.



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