Like most mamas, I had no idea about hair loss in mums, until I became a mum myself.
Hair loss can affect mums in different ways, some might lose a little during pregnancy, some might lose some afterwards. Some mums have even experienced bald patches but for most of us it’s a thinning of the hair. Hair falling out whenever we brush or wash our hair.

It was never anything overly drastic for me, I never had any bald patched on my scalp. In fact during pregnancy my hair actually got a little fuller and I have a lot of hair. It drives my hairdresser crazy as it’s so thick and I have so much of it.

But after I had my boys my hair started falling out, you can’t even drain the bath when I wash my hair without removing big clumps, even now and my boys are 15 and 4. Because my hair is so thick you don’t notice the hair loss, but whilst I have a lot of hair, my hairline around my forehead has never really recovered.

I still have that fluffy, fine hair at the front of my head and it drives me mad. Depending on how I style my hair, it can be really noticeable, well to me anyway. My hubby says he doesn’t know what I’m on about but I can see it.

Random photos I know but these are the photos when I can really see the effect, especially the second where I look like I’m receding. It could be worse, I could have the hubby’s hairline!

I’m more than aware there’s women a lot worse off that me, and it’s not that bad considering. But when you have to look at something you don’t like in the mirror every day then it does have an impact on your self confidence.

For most new mums hair loss starts around two – four months postpartum, for the most part is lasts about 3-6 weeks but this can differ between mums. In some extreme cases it can last a lot longer but most. cases return to normal after about a year.

My little man is now four so I’m hoping that gradually my tufty bits will grow back better, in the meantime I’m using some contour powder in my hairline to mask it a little to help me feel more comfortable.

But if it worsens and really starts to get to me then at least I know there are options out there such as ATP Treatment which works to achieve the appearance of the natural hair. The revolutionary method can be used to help the appearance of fullness on both the scalp and brow area.

Did you have any issues with your hair after having kids? How long did it last for you?


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