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Since my emergency spinal op last year I can’t exercise like I used to. I wish I could and I’m trying to build up to it, but I have to be realistic. I have to realise that my body needs to build back up slowly, too much too soon just sets me back further. I want to push myself but I need to be aware of my limits.

That’s why I love my FitBit Charge 2. Just having it on my wrist makes me aware of my daily activities. Even though I can’t hit the gym as often as I’d like to, I can keep track of my activities. What I love about the Charge 2 is that is prompts you throughout the day if you’re running a little low on your steps. So on the days I don’t feel up to the gym I know that I can still achieve my daily target of 10,000 steps.

I decided to track a ‘Day In The Life’ with my FitBit Charge to see how I use it and what activities during the day add to my total. You don’t realise how they add up, or on the flip side how little you do on some days. I’ve always been pretty active throughout the day but since I started working from home I’m walking a lot less. So having something instant on your arm can really give you a kick up the backside to keep moving.

FitBit Charge 2 in purple | How I use my FitBit as a busy mum

I loved my old FitBit Flex but it was basic, the FitBit Charge 2 has so much more functionality. Just the fact that it is an actual watch is a game changer. I used to have to wear a watch as well as the Flex, at least now with the Charge 2 whenever you check the time it also tells you your steps. If you’re debating between the Flex 2 & Charge 2 then this article is perfect for you.

I know most parents don’t need a sleep tracker to tell them how many times a night their little one wakes them up but for me it’s a must. Our little man has Autism which really impacts on his sleep, in turn really impacting on his sensory & developmental issues. In a morning I need to be able to let his teachers know about his sleep pattern. He goes to a Special Needs school due to the level of support he needs so it’s perfect to not only give them the information they need but also to keep records for the paediatrician appointments.

Being a mum can be stressful, especially being a Special Needs Mama so the Relax function is a fab addition too. It helps you relax through controlled breathing, giving a few minutes to just chill, catch your breath before you get back to the chaos of life.

I will be writing up a detailed review of the FitBit CHarge 2 but in the meantime take a look to see what I got up to and how that impacted on my steps for the day.


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