So I’ve done it, I’ve joined Slimming World. No more excuses or mindless snacking, I’m getting focused.
Since my spinal op about 18 months ago I’ve been less active. It took me months to get back on my feet properly and I still struggle with pain in my lower back and legs. I can’t hit the gym like I used to and if I’m honest I just haven’t been focused on going as much as I know I should.

We’ve had so much going on as a family and stress has taken it’s toll. I’ve not been eating properly, instead just snacking rather than having proper meals so I’m reaching for the chocolate or crisps to fill the gap. Which has added the pounds bit by bit.

Instead of moaning about it to the hubby I’ve decided to actually do something about it. I’ve heard such good things about joining Slimming World and after trying a few recipes knew it would really suit us.

I’ve joined online instead of a group as this just fits our lifestyle better. The hubby doesn’t work fixed hours so I don’t know what time he’ll be home each night. Plus with Archie’s Autism & sleep issues he needs a really structured evening. I’ve joined initially for three months so I can decide if I’d rather stay online or move to a group.

My Slimming World Diary, joining online and getting to grips with what it all means

I’m just getting my head around all the terminology and the way to structure our meals. It looked so complex at first but after reading through my booklets and information online I’m really starting to get to grips with it and have just done our first weekly Slimming World meal plan to keep us on track.

The principles of the plan are actually pretty easy once when it’s broken down. There are the Free Foods (unlimited), Healthy Extras (thankfully there’s a huge list in the booklet and online) and then Syns (treats). I’m still working my way through the book but have already found myself online checking the syns of certain foods so I can put together our shopping list and meal plan.

I’ve even bought a huge low fat & lean meat hamper from Muscle Food so the fridge and freezer are well stocked with staples we need for healthy meals all week, and I’ve written my first Slimming World Meal Plan.

Ultimately I want to lose weight, my ideal is around one and a half stone to get me back to my pre op weight. The weight I’ve stayed for years, and been happy with before my back problems. I want to be able to grab anything from my wardrobe and feel comfortable instead of wearing leggings and jumpers every day.

It’s not just about the weight, I want to get my health back, to get my fitness back. I used to feel so good about going to the gym, it helped with my stress levels, my sleeping and just my all round well being.

I’m looking forward to making the changes and getting back to me.

Have you joined Slimming World? Does it work for you?

Have a nosy at my Slimming World loss diaries to see how I’m getting on. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for more updates.


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