Having two kids, a 15 year old and a four year old, our house sees it’s fair share of sick days, illnesses and viruses. Once the kids start nursery or school then the household seems to come down with the lurgy every week or so!
You can get so worried when the kids fall ill, especially if they’ve been seriously ill before. Archie has been rushed into hospital twice with severe croup, so we are always on high alert whenever he develops a sniffle or a cough as we know first hand how quickly it can escalate.

But, I also know that antibiotics are not always the answer, they can’t cure everything. In fact, Public Health England has launched a new campaign in the North West of England informing people that antibiotics don’t work for everything and stressing the importance of taking their doctor’s advice about whether they need them. Taking antibiotics unnecessarily causes dangerous bacteria to become resistant which means they may not work when they are really needed.

I’ve got a terrible immune system and seem to fall ill every time one of the kids does and the hubby is always telling me to get to the doctors, but most of the time it’s just a virus. You feel like death but there’s nothing that can be done apart from rest and painkillers, antibiotics just don’t work against viruses.

Actress, singer and celebrity mum Suzanne Shaw, who is from Bury, comments:

“As a mum, I know how hard it is to see your child suffering with a cold or flu, and previously my first point of call would have been the doctor’s surgery to request, sometimes quite forcibly, antibiotics!

“Since learning that these drugs won’t work against viral infections and the very real dangers taking these antibiotics unnecessarily can cause my children and those around them, I now listen much more carefully to my doctor or pharmacist’s advice, and urge other parents to do the same.”

In conjunction with the campaign, a powerful film has been released by Public Health England which highlights the possible consequences of failing to take action on antibiotic resistance – showing a world where treatable common infections, minor injuries and routine operations might kill once again.

PHE antibiotic resistance

For further information on antibiotic resistance please search NHS Antibiotics or visit


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