Nobody wants to be stuck in the house in summer. It’s time for getting out & about as much as possible to both play and watch sport. From popping to your local bar for Euro 2016, Wimbledon or the Rio Olympics to a trip to the park with the kids for a game of catch, the next few months are all about enjoying the sunshine, getting some exercise and enjoying the fresh air.

However, as nice as it is to spend time in the great outdoors, you could be faced with a great problem indoors if you’re not careful. The Verisure break-in survey has found that spending too much time in the sun without protection is not only bad for your skin, but your property.

Surveying 516 home break-ins victims, security and Smart Alarm specialists Verisure has discovered that even a short amount of time away from an unsecured home can cost you thousands. Compiling its findings into a digestible infographic, Verisure is now urging homeowners to arm themselves with knowledge and hardware before they enjoy the Great British Summer.


  • 49% of Victims are Out of the House for a Short Period of Time: Thieves can strike at anytime and, in almost half of the cases surveyed, they will be in and out in a flash. In fact, as well as 49% of burglaries taking place in a short space of time, Verisure found that 15% of incidents occur in less than five minutes. An hour in the park playing catch is more than enough time for a criminal to enter an unsecured property and steal your possessions.
  • 10% of Burglars Are Known to the Victim: Verisure also found that 1 in 10 victims knew the person who burgled their property. This could be a neighbour, acquaintance or just someone who watches your daily movement patterns. If you exercise at the same time every day in your local park, this would be exactly the pattern a potential thief would look for.
  • 33% of Thieves Found Hidden Valuables: If you don’t protect your home from the outside then don’t expect it to be safe inside. 1/3rd of break-ins result in the criminal finding high value items in draws, cupboards, under the bed and, in some cases, low quality safes. Once a criminal is inside your house they have free reign, so making sure you’re secure from the outside in is vital.

The Verisure “Insights into Home Burglaries” infographic contains a wealth of data on the MO of common criminals and should be part of any summer workout plan. Getting your home security in shape is as important as getting your body in the best possible condition and one of the best ways is to arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible.


Once you’ve digested the important facts, the Verisure Smart Alarm System is the perfect way to put that knowledge into practice. Capable of offering real-time protection against common home attack strategies, the system combines shock detectors, image detection devices, high-powered sirens and a response team if necessary.

Break-ins can ruin your life in a matter of minutes, but if you fortify your home just as you aim to fortify your body, then you’ll be able to enjoy the summer with a smile.


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