I’ve seen loads of interior design trends over the years, but none fascinate me as much as this idea of modular design. Right off the bat, you’re probably wondering what this even means. Well, modular interior design is all about using things that can be moved around and used in different ways. Instead of having one object with one set purpose, you have something that can be used for multiple different purposes.

If this sounds confusing, then it’s just because I’m not great at explaining things! The idea itself is fairly simple to understand when you see some examples. Modular interior design is more about furniture and objects that colours and themes. What makes it so great is that you have more freedom when designing your rooms, and you can also save space and create more storage.

So, talking about some examples, here are a few pieces of modular furniture that will look amazing in your home.


A modular sofa is a must-have for your living room. Why? Because it lets you get creative with your layout whenever you want to freshen it up. Places like Sofasofa sell modular sofas that are made up of two seater sofas, an armchair, and a footstool. You can fit them next to one another like a corner sofar, which is great when the whole family is watching a movie. Or, you can take them apart and have one two seater sofa with another one-seater elsewhere in the room. You can switch things up depending on how you’re feeling or whose coming round your house, it’s a lot of fun!


Perhaps my favourite modular furniture idea revolves around storage units. Normally, you can but a large storage unit that sits up against your wall. But, with modular ones, you can buy lots of smaller units that fit together. Essentially, you can build as large a storage unit as you want. Not only that, but you can move around the different units to reposition things too. So, if you want to update the design to match your room, you can! A wonderfully stylish idea that’s incredibly practical as well.


Tables are great if you want to get your hands on some cool modular furniture. I like the idea of a table where everything fits together to save space when it’s not in use. But, you can also get ones where the chairs can be used in different ways, so it’s like a picnic bench one moment and a proper dining table the next. Take a look at this table on Pinterest to see what I’m talking about. How cool is that concept? This is why I love modular interior design!

I think it’s fairly clear that I’m a big fan of this interior design idea! Modular design is quickly becoming more and more popular, with loads of different ideas surfacing. I think it’s the way forward as it gives your home something extra. Modular furniture looks great, but it also functions better than regular furniture. You get more out of it, which benefits your home as you can be more flexible with your design.

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