I can’t go to the gym without my music, they obviously have music on in the background but I like MY music, MY playlists.

I have different styles of music depending the workout I’m going to be doing, my weight lifting tracks are very different to my running tracks. But regardless of the music I need a good set of earphones so I was very happy to take on this MPOW Wireless Earphones review.


In the box comes the actual earphones with ear clips, a USB charger, three pairs of different sized ear buds/tips for the earphones and the user manual.


Yes super easy. The manual gives you all the information you need, but essentially you need to charge them for a while. Then hold the button on the earphones until it starts flashing, it’s then ready to pair with your device.

My phone picked up the earphones straight away and I was ready to hit the gym without any problems at all.


I actually really liked these headphones. I love music in the gym but with some of my other earphones I end up getting into a tangle. I’ve ended up pulling my phone off the machine with wired earphones before which doesn’t help your flow on the treadmill!

You just don’t have that problem with these ones. there’s a short wire between the two ear pieces which easily slips around the back of the neck. I’ve had no problems with this, I’ve even tried different hairstyles & different running tops and its never caught on anything.

As you don’t have to be physically connected to your phone with the earphones you can leave the phone propped against the machine or on the floor away from your workout so there’s no worries about damaging your phone with any equipment.

The ear hooks were slightly too big for my ears but due to the shape of them they were still really secure and didn’t slip once. I also loved the fact that the MPOW earphones come with different sized buds.

The first pair were a little too big for me, and whilst the weren’t uncomfortable they did feel a little strange in the ear. As soon as I swapped to a different size you could quite easily forget you were wearing them. The buds are so much softer than some of the other hard plastic brands on the market.

The sound quality is great, I’m able to put my choice of music on, normally something hard & loud and just focus on my workout without all the background noise of the gym. The right side of the set features the volume control and track selection buttons which is really convenient as you don’t have to struggle trying o find the right button along the wires whilst mid workout.

Overall these are a great pair of earphones for the price. They are a really good price, great quality and look stylish in the glossy black design. I’m really impressed with them and they are definitely a great addition to my gym kit.

The MPOW wireless bluetooth earphones are currently on sale for only £17.99, bargain right? Plus I’ve got a a 20% off code, simply enter 3GQO4XL5 at the checkout. It’s only valid until 5th November 2016 so you need to be quick to get your discount!


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