If you’re a parent of small children and don’t know what Num Noms are then where have you been hiding?? The kids are going bloody crazy for them.
Num Noms are little cute & crazy food collectables. I used to like to collect things when I was a kid but the whole mini collectables now are crazy popular. They are so cute and smell delish! We love the fact that there’s so many different ones to collect including some funky ones that vibrate and move all over the place. They really get some giggles out of the little man.

My boy has loved them for a while now, we did a whole Num Noms Advent at Christmas and we’re now onto Num Noms Series 3.

Archie loves the fact that he can point out which Num Noms he’s gotten, and he adores the little leaflets that come inside the box so we can mark them off and see which ones we still need.

In the box you get a selection of Num Noms, plus a cute little utensil. The Nums are the outer character ‘shells’ and the Noms the smaller ‘inner’ that fits inside. In the other series we got little vibrating Noms that move along the floor and is interchangeable with the Nums. In this Series we got little stamps.

Because of his Autism Archie hasn’t got great control of pens and pencils and can’t really make any recognisable shapes so he loves using the stamps. He can just go crazy over the page seeing the little prints in the bright colours. Its so much fun for him, plus they are also interchangeable too. You can add any of the Nums over the top to change it up.

These are such fun little toys, Archie loves sorting and organising them. Lining them up and comparing them to his little flyer. We’ll definitely be adding more Num Noms to his collection.


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