Up until recently I hadn’t heard of OOFOS before and to be honest I still don’t really know how to pronounce it, but I do know that they are fab!
OOFOS recovery footwear (from £40 RRP) are designed specifically for runners and fitness enthusiasts to soothe and reinvigorate the feet, allowing a faster recovery time.

The shoes absorb 37% more shock than other foams and feature a patented footbed design that cradles your arches and reduces stress on sore feet, knees and backs, enabling more natural motion. OOFOS recovery footwear is available in the UK with three styles for men and women – thong, slide and clog.

I was sent a pair of the women’s OOriginal Fuchsia for this OOFOS review. Not only are they pretty funky but they are so, so comfortable. Seriously, when I put them on for the first time I even gave a little oooh.

After a gym workout or a class, or even just running after the kids all day, my feet and legs can get so sore, especially since my spinal op. The cushioning on the OOFOS is so deep, yet is really supportive, plus because of the foam material there’s no rubbing on the toe straps either. It kind of just moulds to your feet when you walk and doesn’t slide around like other ‘plastic-y’ flip flops can.

I know these are primarily a recovery shoe for runners etc but I can honestly say that anyone who spends a lot of time on their feet could benefit from a  pair. They are my go to shoes for around the house as they feel much better under foot than slippers do. They just take the stress off tired feet & joints, which feels fab.

They are also great when out & about when you want something cool & easy to slip off but you also want comfort. I tried these out at a recent spa day. Even with the steam & wet flooring, the grip was great, plus they looked so much better than white towelling slippers they give you!

Here is what OOFOS says about the OOfoam™. All models share the foam, general construction and outsole pattern:

Technical advantages of OOfoam™ over traditional cushioning materials:
  • Significantly more comfort, cushioning and natural articulation
  • 37% more impact absorption
  • Longer lasting support and cushioning
  • Arch support for most foot-types
  • Durable wear
  • Machine washable

I honestly love these flip flops and am even thinking about getting a pair in a different colour for our holiday in April.

What do you think? Could you do with a pair of shoes like these for your feet?

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