Our weekly meal plan featuring healthy, gluten free & slimming world friendly meals for the family

I wrote a while back about going gluten free & why but to be honest I never really stuck to it properly or took it that seriously. I knew gluten was affecting me but just didn’t realise how bad until the last few weeks.

The stomach pains & bloating became unbearable ending in a trip to the doctors. She now thinks rather than IBS, I have Celiac Disease. I have a blood test booked in a few weeks for testing but regardless if it is IBS or Celiac I really have to take being gluten free much more serious as it’s having a big impact on my health.

So for this week’s meal plan we’re continuing with low fat, high protein meals but I’m also going to be making completely gluten free meals where possible. Or making a gluten free option for me. The best option is going right back to basics and cooking pretty much all our meals from scratch.

Anyhoo, this week we’ll be eating:


Porridge, porridge & more porridge. It really keeps me full until lunch without being tempted to snack so I’m sticking to it this week. It’s an easy gluten free breakfast, plus I can thrown in some sultanas or fruit to change it up a bit.


Homemade soups, jacket potatoes & salads. I will have to start checking which dressings are gluten free though, or making my own.

  • Chinese chicken thighs with new potatoes & salad
  • Spanish omelette with lot’s of veg
  • Chicken & leek risotto
  • Homemade pizza – I’ll be making my gluten free pizza base
  • Enchiladas made with corn rather than wheat tortillas
  • Spaghetti Carbonara – GF pasta for me
  • Slimming World Roast Dinner

Do you meal plan or think it will be something you want to start? I’ve definitely started spending less on food shopping since I started buying exactly what what we need.



  1. August 9, 2016 / 7:40 am

    Meal planning is something I really need to make time for. I need to lose baby weight and some. With hectic life I think I need some organisation in the kitchen. I hope going gluten free helps! I used to get stupid bloated with certain foods and I swapped them for others and it worked a treat for me. X

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