I’ve never bought makeup from Primark before, I’m not a makeup snob by any means and have much more drugstore makeup that I do from brands such as MAC or Clinique but I just assumed makeup as cheap as that from Primark just wouldn’t be up to much.

Then I started seeing reviews on YouTube saying how fab it was, how it was great value for money, blend-able, great coverage etc, basically totally hyping it up so I just had to pop into Primark on my next trip into Manchester & have a little nosy at the range myself.

And the first thing I want to mention is the sheer size of the range, it was huge! There is a whole makeup department upstairs in the Manchester branch. I was wandering around the accessories section expecting it to be a little section but no, the sales girl directed me upstairs & I was in makeup heaven! Well I was, the hubby wasn’t, lol

I didn’t want to go too overboard just in case it wasn’t that great, and to be honest I got a little overwhelmed not know what to buy but I still spent a small fortune. Next time I go I’m going to write myself a list!

So here’s my huge Primark makeup haul, I can’t wait to try it all out & review it. I’m going to wait until I buy some more products then I can do a full review and include all my must buy items but for now catch up on this video to see the full range of what I bought

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