Home or Away? 5 Reasons to move to Australia @gymbunnymum

When the weather is miserable, work is rubbish and the kids are bored do you ever daydream about jetting off somewhere hot & sunny, living in a house by the beach?

Oh God I do. I’d love to live somewhere warm, I love England but it’s always so cold & wet. When we do get some sunshine everything changes. People are much happier, you can get out & about with the children, heading to the beach or out to the countryside. You have much more fun in the sun than you do in the rain. So indulge me whilst I daydream of my perfect home in the sun.

I’d love to be near the beach, it wouldn’t have to be right by the beach but at least walking distance. Australia has some of the world’s most stunning beaches

Home or Away? 5 Reasons to move to Australia @gymbunnymum

For the kids, it would be amazing if we had our own pool. It would also be amazing for us to chill by the pool with a beer or a G&T, get the BBQ going and be able to sit outside relaxing in the evening rather than sat on the couch under a blanket as it’s so cold!

The hubby & I love the outdoor lifestyle, especially him & the Teenager. They love being out mountain biking through the forest or across the sand dunes, they hate being stuck in the house when it’s raining. For the hubby, he’d have to live near a golf course too, there’s no way he could go without his golf. He even plays in the downpours so would love the playing in the sun.

I love the laid back lifestyle of Australians, you can work hard and play hard too. The idea of leaving work and still having glorious sun to enjoy the evening sounds amazing, relaxation time with family & friends is so important and something we just don’t do enough.

I don’t think I could ever actually move abroad as I know I’d miss rainy old England too much but if you’ve been thinking of reasons to move to Australia then you need to do your research so why not start with looking for houses for sale in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane as a starting point for your dream home.


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