Recently me & my boys were invited to a fab event hosted by MU Cheese, (you can read about it here) and where we took part in a scrummy little tasting session plus we were given a goodie bag full of cheese to review for you lovely lot!

We are definitely cheese lovers in this house although I’m the boring one, think Cheddar & Cheshire and that’s pretty much my limit whereas the Hubby likes pretty much all cheese, even the green mouldy crap too, so his eyes lit up when he saw all this cheesy loveliness. We received a Cheddar block, a pack of grated Cheddar, Cheddar sticks & Cheddar disks.

CHEDDAR DISKS // These were the first we tried, they were calling out to be slapped on top of a fat juicy burger (100% lean mince burger of course!). At first I thought the disk shape was a bit of a waste of time given that there are so many cheese slices available but it’s actually a great idea. They fit burger buns perfectly plus they taste soo much better than cheese slices. They are nice & thick & as they are medium strength you can really taste the cheese.

GRATED CHEDDAR // I’ve never really seen the point in buying pre-grated cheddar and if I’m honest this hasn’t changed my opinion. Yes its convenient just to throw over a jacket spud or on a sandwich but for me, I find pre-grated cheese a bit dry & not as creamy as when you grate it yourself. My hubby didn’t mind at all though & had cheese butty’s for work with no complaints & said I was just fussy.

CHEDDAR STICKS // These really surprised me, I was expecting plastic-y cheese strings but these actually taste like proper cheese, they’ve got a really nice medium strength to them & are perfect for lunch boxes etc or to pop in your bag when you’re heading out with the kids & want a quick snack for them.

MATURE CHEDDAR // This one is my favourite out of the four, I do love a mature cheddar especially with Morrison’s Signature Red Onion Chutney. It’s got a lovely strong taste & is really creamy so perfect for me.

MU’s range of cheese can be found in the chilled aisles in all major Tesco supermarkets if you want to try it for yourself


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