September is always a time for new starts when you have kids, either the first day of school or moving up to the next year group, but for us this September has brought some serious changes.

Just like that, September came round and Archie started school.

For us it’s not a huge change as he goes to a Special Needs school due to his autism and sensory processing difficulties, therefore he was actually full time at nursery in order to get the additional support and therapy that he needs. But it feels like a huge change.

My littlest boy is now officially a school boy, he’s growing up fast and will be five next month.

He’s making amazing progress, we so proud of him. This time last year he couldn’t speak or communicate and now he’s learning new words every day, starting to build short sentences and even getting a little bit cheeky! Him going to a Special Needs school rather than mainstream was the best decision we made, he’s had so much therapy &  support at nursery that we can’t wait to see what his first term in reception class brings.

The teenager left school this summer and is now a college boy. He did so well with his GCSE’s, getting some great grades and started his Plumbing course last week. I don’t feel old enough to have a child at college. It doesn’t seem that long ago since that was me!

I’m so proud of both of my boys, both working so hard. But there’s also another big change coming very soon…

And no I’m not pregnant!

The hubby has handed his notice in at work and will officially be launching his business, Fairway Property Maintenance & Handyman, at the end of the month, eeeek! We’re both so excited.

It’s going to be a huge lifestyle change for and will literally be life changing for our family.

I’m under no illusion that there’s going to be some long hours involved. I know, I’m self employed too. But it will be a huge change to the way we live.

At the moment he’s out of the house from about 6:30am to 6pm six days a week so I’m left to do everything that comes with being a Special Needs parent on my own. I’m the one that looks after Archie, going to all the appointments, having all the meetings, doing all the paperwork. The hubby doesn’t get to come to any of them. He doesn’t get to hear things first hand. He doesn’t get to come to the school update meetings, to hear Archie’s struggles or his progress.

And he wants to be a part of that, I want him to be a part of that.

And at the end of September he finally gets to be the parent he wants to be. We can support each other, work around each other, go to appointments together.

There’ll still be long hours for both of us, running two businesses but we’ll be working our hours.

September is bringing some big changes our way, and I can’t wait!


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