Our weekly slimming world meal plan, lot's of meal ideas and syn free meal options

Each week I’ve been writing our Slimming World meal plan and sharing them on the blog, I’m loving that we can have really varied meals, including cheese, rice & pasta and other things that are normally off the menu on typical ‘diets’
We’ve been away for the Easter holidays on a gorgeous all inclusive holiday. I’ve not pigged out but I haven’t exactly gone for the healthiest options each time. Plus all the cocktails and G&T’s probably haven’t helped my waistline either.

This week we are well & truly back on the Slimming World plan after all that indulgence. I’ve got my gorgeous cousins 40th birthday party in July and have a stunning dress I need to fit into, so I’ve got to get back on track.

I'm only in my first week and have done my first food shop so these are the Slimming World Free Foods to add to your shopping list to get you off to the right start.




I’ve been getting pretty bored with just fruit & yogurt for breakfast but I don’t want to use up both my healthy extra a & b on cereal, plus I’m not a fan of toast so instead I’ve been making myself slimming world friendly overnight oats instead. It’s a super simple syn free recipe which is a bonus, and I’ve just added to my Slimming World recipe section on the blog. Plus you can make it in so many different flavours and add different fruits to up your speed foods too.


This is the one I’ve struggled with. I’ve gotten into the habit of not bothering to cook just for myself, and as I work from home I’ll tend to just snack throughout the day. I’m starting to prep in advance, either cooking more the night before so I can have the left overs for lunch or prepping a meal based on the night before. So today we’re having a slimming world friendly roast chicken dinner. So I’m also cooking some pasta to make a chicken pasta salad for lunch tomorrow too. Hopefully this will help keep me on track.

I’ll also be making a leek & potato soup this week to warm up for lunches too as I’ve got my new NutriBullet to try out.


I normally use my Healthy Extra A for my milk for my cups of teas so will include all the syns for the meals below


  1. April 19, 2017 / 11:16 am

    The Loaded potato skins sound delicious!
    This is a great meal plan. Well done on so much of it being Syn free x
    Kim Carberry recently posted…When I Was Young Tag….My Profile

  2. April 19, 2017 / 7:25 pm

    Well done for not pigging out on the all inclusive…don’t think I could manage that!!

    Love the sound of the katsu curry, I know that’ll go down well in our house. I love overnight oats too, I alternate between them and regular porridge and always look forward to breakfast. #mealplanningmonday
    Sadie recently posted…meal planning mondayMy Profile

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