Our weekly slimming world meal plan, lot's of meal ideas and syn free meal options

I’m totally into the rhythm of writing Slimming World meal plans each Sunday. It makes such a difference knowing what we’ll be eating all week. Not only does it keep us on plan but also helps to keep the food shopping costs down as I only buy what we need.
During the day is definitely the hardest part for me as I work from home so get tempted just to snack during the day rather than make a meal just for me. So I’m going to be getting organised for my lunches too. I’m starting to prep in advance, either cooking more the night before so I can have the left overs for lunch or prepping a meal based on the night before. So if we’re having chicken, I’ll incorporate that into the lunch for the next day.

Plus I’ve also started doing a little bit of batch cooking too. If I’m making spag bol or chilli then I’ll make a huge batch and freeze some smaller portions that can easily be warmed up in the microwave. Plus I’ll also try and make soups when I can too, which the hubby can also take to work in a flask.

Our weekly slimming world meal plan, lot's of meal ideas and syn free meal options



I tend to have fruit & yogurt or slimming world friendly overnight oats for breakfast, or if I’m heading to the gym I might make eggs instead to increase my protein.


This is the one I’ve struggled with. I’ve gotten into the habit of not bothering to cook just for myself, and as I work from home I’ll tend to just snack throughout the day. I’m making sure I have lot’s of lunch options that are super quick, plus lot’s of leftovers in the freezer ready to microwave.

This week I’ve made a big batch of Syn Free Butternut Squash soup, it’s so easy to make and freezes well too.


We’re away this weekend so it’s only a five day meal plan this week

    • Haddock with Squartz Fish seasoning, salad & new potatoes (Syn Free)
    • Homemade chilli & rice (Syn Free)
    • Chicken Skewers with salad & new potatoes (Syn Free)
    • Easy chicken curry with rice (Syn Free)
    • Turkey steak ‘pizzas’ with salad (Syn Free)

Have a nosy at my Slimming World loss diaries to see how I’m getting on. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel for more updates.


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