The Olympics are over but that doesn’t mean the excitement is. It’s been so inspiring this year with our athletes achieving so much.

It can be so intimidating trying a different sport for the first time, even if it’s something you’ve wanted to try for a while. Will you be any good, will you make mistakes or not understand the game? But we all have to get off the sofa and start somewhere. You don’t end up being great at sport without trying. Along with sport being a healthy activity, it’s also something fun to try out with the family or friends so you don’t feel as nervous.


Like anybody trying out a new sport, you take it in stages and learn as you go. Even Denise Lewis OBE had to learn the different aspects of cricket when she was taken out of her comfort zone to try cricket for the first time.

In Part 1 Former Heptathlete Denise Lewis OBE learns the ins & outs of women’s cricket.

Part 2 is all about the timings & techniques of catching, Denise Lewis OBE is taught by England Women’s Development Programme Head Coach Salliann Briggs.

In Part 3 it’s time for the former Gold Medalist to try her hand at batting.

Part 4 is getting in the bowling spirit.

In Part 5 Denise Lewis OBE learns how important is it to always cross the line, England Women’s Development Programme Head Coach Salliann Briggs coaches her through the do’s & don’ts of running between wickets.

In Part 6 she puts her new skills to the test to prepare for the big game, with one on one tuition through battling, fielding & bowling.

And in the grand finale, Denise Lewis OBE puts her new skills to use in a match against the England women’s cricket team in Loughborough.

Weetabix is continuing the Summer of Sport with an amazing offer available to all their customers. Over 15 million special promotional packs, across the entire Weetabix range, will be available in stores to inspire all ages & abilities to get active to celebrate 2016’s summer filled with sport.

Every marked promotional pack will feature a code redeemable online to see if you’ve won an amazing, top tier sporting reward. These include some fantastic experiences, such as training sessions with great athlete including Denise Lewis OBE, a family bike set, team sports kits and five-year gym memberships!

As well as the top rewards, Weetabix are also giving customers a free or 2-4-1 sports session with every single promotional pack. There’s a wide range of sports activities to choose from such as football, dancing, Tae Kwon-do, paintballing & scuba diving.


They want to inspire people to get off the sofa & get into sport. So on a (rare) but sunny day at Lee Valley Athletics Centre in London, with the help of coach Ian Grant, Denise Lewis OBE was on hand to giver her tips, advice and insider knowledge in everything Heptathlon – inspiring the nation to get up and get active.

When asked for advice for the next generation, Denise commented; “What I think is important for most children is that when we first go into an environment like that is that they’re having fun.

“If they genuinely are into athletics or want to do something it gives them (kids) the opportunity to try out different events on those 2 days.

“Then perhaps eventually they can pick which one of the days suits them best!”

My boys would absolutely love some of these activities, especially the Tae Kwon-do & paintballing. Will you be picking up a promotional pack of Weetabix to try out a new sport with your family?


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