The perfect date night in for knackered parents like us!
I’d love to go on regular date nights with the hubby. Get dressed up for the evening, be wined and dined and not have to worry about getting woken up at the crack of dawn but that’s not going to happen.
We do go out but it’s not easy for us. Our littlest man has Autism, which is a handful in itself due to his additional needs so we don’t like to ask the Grandparents to babysit very often. I know that they would have him overnight but given that any change in Archie’s routine has a big effect on him and then on us as a family, then most of the time it’s just not worth it.

We have been blessed (or cursed) with kids that just don’t sleep. Archie’s now four and we’re lucky if we only have to get up four times a night, most nights it’s ten times plus. Then throw in a 5am wake up call most days and you can easily see why date nights out just don’t work for us. So this Valentine’s Day I’m planning the perfect date night in for knackered parents like us!

First up is a bit of pampering for me. Obviously not part of the date night, I don’t think the hubby would be too impressed with me sat there drinking a glass of wine & painting my nails but I do like a bit of a pamper before date night. I don’t get to do it very often as every time I try to paint my nails somebody always needs me for something. Usually Archie needs his bum wiping or the teenager wants food cooking.

‘Me time’ is sacred in our house so doing something as simple as painting my nails in peace and not moving until they are dry is an absolute luxury. I feel so much more feminine with pretty hands so will be making sure I have an hour to myself whilst the kids are at school to rest my tired eyes with my gorgeous new Proskin Gold Eye Mask, because Lord knows my dark circles and eye bags need all the help they can get. Then give my nails a makeover with my Jamberry Nail Kit & Nailed London Nail Polish.

Once Archie is finally in bed and the teenager is holed up in his room playing xBox, we can actually start to relax and pop open the bubbly.

It’s very rare we drink mid week, mainly due to the fact if I start I probably won’t stop!

But we will definitely make an exception for Valentine’s. The hubby is much more of a larger or cider drinker than bubbly but you’ve got to have a bit of sparkle haven’t you?

I’ve a got a gorgeous bottle of pink Lanson that I’ve been saving, which is sat in the fridge between the Munch Bunch yogurts & the Fridge Raiders (I know, such refined palettes my kids have), I might even get the posh crystal champagne glasses out. Well they look posh but were an absolute bargain at £19 for four and I love the angled design of them, so unusual.

At this point we’ll both be too knackered to cook a big three course meal but if I make sure I buy some thick steak the hubby won’t be able to resist turning into a bit of a caveman and insisting on cooking the meat. Meaning I get to sit at the breakfast bar with another glass of bubbly.

The easiest, yet perfect date night meal is steak, egg, sweet potato wedges and a little salad. I can prep the wedges with a little Fry-Light, (I’m on Slimming World and will be using my syns for the bubbly) pop them in the oven and leave the hubby to cook the steak, win win.

As always we’ll say we don’t want dessert but will then raid the freezer for something sweet, so I’ll make sure I’ve got some Ben & Jerrys hidden in the back away from the kids. Sorry kids but mum & dad have got to have something to ourselves that doesn’t get demolished as soon as the shopping is unpacked. Then it’ll be cuddling up on the couch to watch a romantic movie.

About ten minutes in the hubby will be snoring & I’ll be getting annoyed with him, but I’ll secretly be pleased that we can get an early night, and not in that way cheeky!

It might not be all flowers & fireworks but it’s perfect for us. There’s no one else I’d rather be knackered with than that hubby of mine.

And the washing up can wait until the morning…


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