I was introduced to Wagamama years ago through some work colleagues, our office building was right around the corner from the Wagamama’s at the Printworks so super easy to pop in for a gorgeous, fresh lunch. Fast forward nearly five years and as I no longer work in Manchester I haven’t eaten there in years but we were tempted back with the fresh new menu.

Taking centre stage is the latest twist on the classic ramen, I love the ramen even if I do make a mess, and for the first time you can customise the iconic broth by choosing one of three new stocks; rich, light and spicy, offering an alternative to Wagamama’s signature recipe. You can also choose the light broth, which offers a gentler flavour, or can dial up the heat with the latest chilli infused option.

Wagamama's fresh new menu @gymbunnymum

I was going to try the new ramen but as I haven’t been in so long I just couldn’t resist going for my favourite chicken katsu curry, the sauce is just incredible and I don’t know they cook their rice but it’s some of the best I’ve tasted. As usual I had to stop the hubby from diving in and pinching some but as we had sides too I couldn’t quite finish my curry so the hubby dutifully wolfed it down!

As we couldn’t decide on which sides we wanted we shared the chilli squid & the steamed gyoza. The dipping sauce that comes with the gyoza is the best, seriously I could drink the stuff.

Wagamama's fresh new menu @gymbunnymum

They have also extended their fresh juice offering, adding ‘Repair’ (apple, kale and pear) and ‘Power’ (spinach, apple and ginger) to the menu. These two new juices have been designed by Wagamama’s food team to revive guests before, during or after their meal or to take-out for a pick-me-up, any time of day. They join Wagamama’s ‘Positive’ juice (pineapple, spinach, cucumber, apple and lime) on the menu, which was developed in January to boost serotonin levels. These three energy and mood boosting juices are pressed, pulped and poured from 100% raw ingredients. I’ve got to admit that as Archie had nodded off in his buggy we opted for a beer each instead but have always loved the juices, I’ll definitely be trying the Power juice next time.

If you have a Wagamama’s local to you then you really should go try it out, you won’t be disappointed, it’s lush!



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