Our weekly meal plan featuring healthy, gluten free & slimming world friendly meals for the family

Back around to Monday again, the week goes too quick!

I’ve now had my tests for Celiac Disease although it’ll be a few weeks before I get my results. The gluten free diet has been going well, the only issue I’ve had is when going to an event and the only meal option was sandwiches. I had a small amount and felt awful the day after so I need to be better prepared when going somewhere that may not provide GF options.

Anyhoo, onto the week’s meal plan


Porridge, porridge & more porridge, again. It really keeps me full until lunch without being tempted to snack so I’m sticking to it. If it gets warmer this week like predicted then it’ll be overnight oats instead.


Homemade soups, jacket potatoes & salads to stay gluten free

  • Pizza topped chicken with sweet potato wedges
  • Salmon with steamed veg
  • King prawn Nasi Goreng
  • Spag bol with GF pasta for me
  • Pork stir fry
  • Hunters chicken with new potatoes & green beans
  • Roast beef dinner with Slimming World roast veg

Do you meal plan or think it will be something you want to start? I’ve definitely started spending less on food shopping since I started buying exactly what what we need.

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