Beautiful vintage bike & basket in duck egg blue
As a family, we love our country caravanning holidays. We used to have a Campervan but as our family grew from three to four we outgrew it and was devastated we had to sell but it just no longer worked for us a family.
Instead we’ve been going away for family holidays to places such as Haven, we loved our trip to Presthaven Sands in Wales. Wales has definitely go to be one of our family favourites as there’s just so much to do. We’re an outdoorsy family, so love being out & about.

The hubby and teenager are both really keen mountain bikers. We always make sure we take our bikes with us when we go away. I love going out for a family bike ride, however I’m not as extreme as them two. I’m more than happy jumping on our bikes and exploring the hills & countryside around Wales rather than flying down the side of a ravine like those two do! Maybe when Archie’s a bit older we’ll get him his own kids bike rather than me having to have his seat on mine, but for now he’s much safer in his seat.

As much as I love our mountain bikes, I’m much more of a Cruiser kind of girl. I love the old 50s style bikes, especially if it’s got a little wicker basket on the front. It wouldn’t be much use to me riding up and down the hills of Wales but it’s fab for riding about town, nipping out to the shops or just for a bit of a leisurely bike ride.


The cruiser was designed primarily to be used on paved roads, with moderate speeds and distances achievable. I could never have one solely in place of the mountain bike as it would be a struggle for our outdoors adventures but I do love them.

I really like the idea of having a trendy, vintage style bike for popping out and about during the day. I work from home so can tend to be either sat at my desk or day, or if I do need to run errands, I’ll end up going out in the car. I just don’t seem to get as much exercise unless I actually go to the gym.

Having a bike is an easy way to get a little more exercise. It doesn’t need to be miles & miles of riding to be of benefit, just a little bit a few times a week would be great.

Which style of bike do you love? Pop over to the Halfords website to take a look at the different bikes through the decades.  Which bike decade are you?


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