It’s the start of another month, seriously where the hell has this year gone, so instead of moaning to my hubby about the weight I’ve gained and how my clothes are getting a bit tight I’ve decided I really need to do something about it and get around to whipping this ass back into shape.

Since my spinal operation I’ve not been able to get to the gym at all, in fact most days I’m in agony when I wake up which eases off during the day so the last thing I’m thinking of is hitting the gym. However I don’t want to be still using this excuse this time next year. The weight has slowly crept on over the past year and I now have about a stone I want to lose.

The plan is to begin exercising at home when I feel able to, to build up to joining the gym again. For me exercise & healthy eating is not just about weight, it’s about the way it makes me feel. Going to the gym & exercising is a major stress relief for me, especially with the hectic life I lead. Running a business from home around the kids, all of Archie’s various appointments and the day to day stress Autism brings.

By writing it here I’m making myself accountable and tracking my progress, which should be a big boost to my motivation. I’ll be sharing my healthy meals & recipes, my weekly work out plans and weightloss, plus I’ve got an exciting fitness project coming up soon with Decathlon.

Wish me luck!


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