Going on holiday is meant to be relaxing & fun but it can be so stressful, especially if the organising & packing is left up to us mums (sorry dads no offence but it happens, a lot). We’re currently planning a big family holiday to Cornwall, there’s about 15 of us staying in one large self catering house so I need these 10 steps to a less stressful UK holiday

1. Plan your route and any rest stops

We’re travelling from Manchester to Cornwall, which a long drives for any kids but will be especially stressful for Archie due to his Autism. We’re making sure we head off first thing in the morning before we get settled into any day time routine, plus this also means that Archie will be having his nap during the drive too which will help.

2. Think about packing at least the week before

I find the most stressful part is when people can’t find the clothes they want to pack, or something needs washing last minute. I start a list a couple of weeks before to make sure everything is getting organised and people know what they need have ready

3. Pack toys, books etc in the car for the journey

Even the Teenager will get bored on the journey so we’ll be ready with books & toys, the iPad will be loaded with films. I’ll be making Archie a little travelling kit with crayons, stickers, colouring books etc.

4. Place an online grocery order

As there’s so many of us we’ve all written a list of essentials that we’d like, including the beer & wine, so once we get there we don’t have to do a ‘big shop’. Leading up to the holiday we’ve all been putting money into a kitty to pay for the shopping & any left over will go towards a takeaway for us all one night.

5. Don’t stress over meals

Again as there’s so many of us there’s no way we can try to have meals together, you just can’t physically cook for that many people in one go. Instead of stressing over meals we’ve decided to have a couple of BBQ’s, then we can do our own thing for other meals. Some may want to eat out, some may want to cook in the house.

6. Plan local activities or days

With Archie’s Autism I want to make sure we have different options in case he gets overwhelmed by the amount of people we’re going away with. he doesn’t deal with family gatherings at the best of times so I want to make sure we have places to escape to if needed. There’s lot’s of voucher sites you can search on for the best deals.

7. Schedule alone time

If you are going away as a large group you want to make sure you have time for yourselves and your immediate family. s much as we love our extended family, seven days & seven nights will be too much for us all. I’m sure we’ll want time to ourselves as much as they want a bit of time alone too.

8. Establish a routine

There will only be two kids plus our teenager so we want to keep to a routine, especially as Archie is so routine led. If we don’t maintain his bedtime routine then no one will be getting any sleep. We’ll be making sure that everyone is aware of our routine and the reasons why we’ll be sticking to it, this will make it easier on everyone.

9. Be realistic

When you’re going away with a large group things are not exactly going to go to plan. The kids could get over tired, the adults could have hangovers, we could all get each other’s nerves in fact we probably will. Some of the couples coming don’t have children or may want to go away without the kids so we all have to be realistic about what we expect from the week

10. Enjoy it & relax

We’re all in need of a holiday so the main thing is to just relax as best we can and enjoy the week away

What would be your advice or tips?



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  1. July 31, 2015 / 10:29 pm

    Great tips 🙂 I only picked up on the online shopping last time we went away but it saved us such a headache – makes me wonder why I hadn’t done it before! Also like the scheduling of alone time!! 🙂 #Thelist
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