When you try to picture the happiest and healthiest home life possible, you’ll often picture something out of a commercial, a cartoon, or a sitcom – a fabricated world whereby every possible situation is handled perfectly, and smiles are on faces in no time.

It’s totally normal to strive for the best outcome as you have to have the goal ahead of you if you want to get anywhere. It’s also okay to have this fairly unrealistic (most of the time!) goal because, with documentaries and, especially, social media taking over, we often see the end product rather than the mess and the work that goes into it beforehand.

In real life, however, we know that it isn’t always a walk in the park. There are a lot of things that we have to do in order to just stay afloat in every aspect of our lives – if we don’t focus and concentrate, can get let things get away from us or get on top of us, which only then makes things worse. If you’re finding yourself in a bit of a sticky situation in terms of home life, then let’s talk about a bunch of ways you can make it happier and healthier.


Sleeping is a hugely important part of life. Obviously you don’t want to get too much, but you especially do not want to get too little. It can be very easy to fall into a trap of going too late and feeling horrendous in the morning. It would be wise to make a bedtime routine for you and your family – it may seem a little strict and even a little childish at times, but it’s the right thing to do as your body will get used to it quickly and your mornings will be a little more pleasant.


Following on from creating bedtimes and stuff like that, it’s also a good idea to set an alarm nice and early. Sure, it’s lovely lying in bed, but you’ll soon feel super sluggish and also potentially miss out on things you could have gotten completed early. When you get up earlier, you always feel much better – no matter how difficult it is to initially climb out of the pit!


Exercising will make you feel better. It won’t solve every problem you have, but it will help out quite a bit. You obviously be fitter physically and you’ll have more of a spring in your step when doing everyday chores, errands or activities, but it also does wonders for your mind. You feel a lot more positive and confident with everything after exercising due to the chemicals that your body releases. People don’t like being told to ‘just go for a run or something,’ but it wouldn’t be a bad idea. Keeping the whole family active will increase everyone’s quality of life, that’s for certain.


Nowadays, it’s very easy to give your kids an electronic device of some sort and to let them spend their day away in a world of their own. Following on from the exercise idea, keeping your kids active should mean they’ll grow up much healthier. It’ll also make them want to go out and do things as opposed to staying in and wanting to stare at a screen.


Lots of families get their work/school/errands done and then spend their free time just relaxing around the house. Sure, laying around and resting for a little while is needed, but not always. If you spend too much time idling around the home, you’ll get into a bad routine and be stuck in it, not being bothered to explore anywhere or try anything new. Make sure you do more things together on weekends on during holidays – morale will be boosted, and the kids will have more confidence in doing things and going places.


You’ve always got to check how you’re doing mentally and physically. You don’t have to be a hypochondriac and worry about absolutely everything, but a few check-ups and some self-analysis every now and again would be ideal. It’s much easier and more convenient to get things handled in terms of your general health as you can now make appointments and order prescriptions online – just a couple presses of buttons gets you what you want.


A good way to keep your health in check, your family’s health in check, and the whole family’s overall morale in check is to have a good diet. If you’re all eating junk and fast food all the time, you’re probably going to be sluggish and cranky a lot of the time. Much like exercising, eating good nutritional foods will give you more of a bounce and make you feel much better in your head.


When people get down, they’re often made to feel a little more annoyed by being told to drink more water. Now, drinking water doesn’t fix issues, but it certainly helps you a lot more than you might think. When someone is dehydrated, it often makes their mood a lot worse – people often don’t realize that they just need a couple of glasses of water to improve their temper.


We touched briefly on having a night-time routine in order to get settled at night and to get ready in the morning, but it’s good to have a planned out, patterned routine throughout the days, too. It doesn’t have to be too strict as you may get locked into it too tightly, but having a plan of doing things often makes your day clearer.


If things around the house are getting too hectic for you, then you can always just hire professional help. If the mess and clutter around the house are getting a little too much for you with all you have going on, then you can always get in touch with a cleaner. If you need someone to help take care of the kids, there isn’t exactly a shortage of nannies and other childcare services around.


No matter how good things may be going for you, housework and domestic life can still be a little tedious – as any busy mum would testify. Everyone deserves a vacation once in a while so you if you have the means, make sure you head off somewhere more beautiful than where you are now. You’ll feel refreshed upon your return, and you’ll get the chance to bond as a family.


It sounds like quite a contradiction as we’ve talked about not lolling about for too long, but you do need some rest and rehabilitation from time to time. Switching off and getting away from it all does help the mind and is another, shorter way of feeling refreshed before you get back to domestic work.


Being told to just be positive isn’t something everyone wants to hear, and with good reason. When the chips are down, you don’t want to be told to change your mindset. In the long term, however, it will benefit you and your family. If you’re constantly moping and negative about every single situation, then you’re going to have a negative home most of the time. If you’re able to be spritely and see the bright side of things, then life will be much easier for everyone.


Finally, just realize what you have in front of you. There are an awful lot of people out there that have it worse than you. Just because things may not be perfect, it doesn’t mean that they are bad or anything like that. It could be worse – trust me! Have a little think and try to gain some perspective whenever something goes a little wrong.

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