If you want to embrace the new year with a new interior design in your home, then you are not alone. There are some amazing interior trends in 2019 which you can use in your home for a modern and unique space you will love.


One of the main trends which comes across for 2019 is a desire for a more calming, softer approach to interiors. Though bold colours and sharp edges have their place, in 2019 we will see a much subtler approach. Plants around the home are a great way to embrace this trend, with a natural touch adding to a more balanced environment. Natural materials like wooden floors, bamboo lampshades and stone tiles are perfect for creating a zen and calm space. Soothing colours like lavender, sage green and blue-grey are popular for creating an interior you can relax and unwind in.


In 2019, designers are moving away from lots of clashing colours and patterns and using texture instead to create depth in a room. Different textures in similar shades make for a beautiful and sophisticated home. Choose cushions in the same colours but different materials like wool, faux fur and linen for a cosy look. Look for vases and lampstands with unusual textures like dimples and engravings. This trend also means carrying on 2018’s love of mismatched and eclectic design, but in a more subtle way, with less macramé wall hangings and more velvet sofas and woven rugs.


The throwaway culture that we have gotten so used to is finally being called into question, with more and more people choosing to make ethical and environmentally focused purchases. From cutting down how much plastic is used to supporting small businesses, it looks like 2019 may be the year of a more kind and thoughtful approach. This can very much be seen in the interior design world where sustainability is a key trend this year. Purchasing a couple of key pieces that are ethical and beautiful is far more on trend than bulk buying lots of brand new items. Materials like jute, clay and rice paper are replacing plastic everywhere, and products purchased from small, local designers are making a huge impact. From laundry baskets made out of recycled paper to handmade mugs made from local clay and sustainable bamboo toothbrushes, there are a variety of ways you can incorporate sustainable and ethical design into your home this year.

These different elements all add together to create a home that is relaxing, understated and elegant. If you are thinking of letting out a property for some extra income in 2019, then the calming interior trend could work well for you. Rental properties need to have a modern, clean design that can appeal to anyone, allowing potential tenants to picture themselves enjoying living there. Property investment experts RW Invest use light colours, high-end furniture and tasteful artwork for unique buy to let properties for a wide range of potential tenants. A calm and peaceful interior design scheme will appeal to busy tenants who are looking for a property then can unwind in.

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