When it comes to choosing clothes, we have likely all heard some jokes about men walking into a store and picking the first shirt of their size that catches their eye, and women spending hours looking for the perfect top to match their shoes or earrings or eyes, or anything else.

Whether or not you fit these popular stereotypes, it is a given that both adult men and women would agree that choosing clothing for kids is a challenge on a whole other level.

Apart from the traditional difficulties of choosing the correct size for your child’s clothing, you will need to check some additional criteria to make sure that the clothing items meet your child’s needs, and will not be thrown away by the munchkin at the first opportunity. Here are some important rules to keep in mind when dressing your child.


This rule might seem like a no-brainer to someone who has been choosing their own clothing daily for a number of years, but there is more to dressing a child than replicating the kind of clothes you wear in this kind of weather or this season of the year. It is very important to keep in mind that children’s clothing is not always structured the same way that adult clothing is.

If you choose a miniaturized version of your sweater for your kid, you should not expect it to offer the same degree of warmth and comfort, as it could be made of a different material, have a different thickness, or be made by another clothing brand. You should check such attributes of the clothing firsthand before determining whether it will adequately keep your child warm or cool enough for the season and the expected weather.


While many people select clothing for their kids simply based on how it looks and fits, it is important to consider whether the clothing material and edges will be comfortable for your child.

Some fabric and materials are known to irritate and somewhat scratch skin, like wool and synthetic fabrics, so you should consider this factor, and if dressing your child in clothing of this material, make sure that there is another clothing item/layer separating the skin from the potentially uncomfortable material.


Although the points we are providing are important guidelines that should be taken seriously, you should never forget to have fun when dressing your child. You can choose clothing that is stylish, flashy, plain, wacky, or geeky, whatever your preferences are. If you like the process of choosing your own personal clothing, there is no reason not to apply the same passion and interest to your children’s clothing


Whether or not your child is old enough to express themselves clearly, you should always pay attention to their feelings and opinions when choosing what they should wear. Toddlers will generally wear any clothing that does not cause discomfort, while older kids may take a bigger interest in the process. If your child is not indifferent to their clothing, your best bet of keeping them wearing what you buy is engaging the child in the selection process, and coming to a decision that suits everyone.
Hopefully, these recommendations will help you dress your child with comfort, sense, and contentment.

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