5 Easy Meal Ideas for Self Catering Holidays @gymbunnymum

When going on holiday you don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen every night but at the same time you don’t want to spending all your money on eating out.

For us, eating out every night isn’t an option as Archie has Autism which can make it very distressing for him, especially if we’ve had a busy day it can all get too much. We’ll be combining eating out with cooking in our accommodation.

I’ve decided on some pretty simple meal ideas that are easy to cook with limited utensils but also don’t mean you need to buy lot’s of different ingredients. My 5 easy meal ideas for self catering holiday are:


Nope, I won’t be making this from scratch, I’ll be buying a jar of sauce, a large pack of mince so that we can use half for chilli and a packet of pasta. Super quick & easy and the kids will enjoy it too.


Again, not major ingredients here, I’ll be buying a packet mix which we do at home, plus a few extra ingredients which can be used in the other meals too.

You basically mix the packet with water, some chopped tomatoes & some fried mince & onion, easy peasy.


We’ll be using up the leftover pasta from the packet used for the spag bol not we’re not throwing away food or having to take it home. Plus we’ll be using mozzarella for pizza’s later in the week too. Again, a packet mix for the sauce can be bought and created using milk so a super simple meal that can be baked in thew oven.


This definitely doesn’t need any explanation! We’ll be having sausage for breakfast one day too plus we can use some of the onions bought to make an onion gravy.


Oat home I would normally make my own pizza base but on holiday I’m not bothering with that. I’ll be buying some bases and will be using some a jar of pasta sauce for the base, various meat topping, ham etc that we will have bought for our lunches plus a packet of mozzarella.

Again, all items that can be used across different meals so I’m not doing a huge shopping trip or trying to cram the little tiny fridge with groceries, we need some space for mummy & daddy’s wine!

What are your go to meals when on holiday? Do you eat in or eat out?


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