We live such a fast paced, throwaway lifestyle now. I must admit that whilst I always do the small things such as recycling where possible and reusing carrier bags, I haven’t really thought that much about living a sustainable lifestyle. I’ve just done things that I think could help a little but there are so many small things we can do every day that can have a huge impact on our environment & sustainable living. You don’t have to start living off grid & washing in rainwater, unless you want to of course! Here’s 5 easy tips for a more sustainable lifestyle.


My teenager used to go through a huge amount of batteries for his electronics so we switched to rechargables which has made a huge amount of difference. You could even go a step further and look at electric cars rather than petrol. There’s been some huge steps forward in regards to electric vehicles & charging points. With NewMotion chargepoint there’s options for residential charging, commercial charging & even charging on the go.


There’s so many easy things you can do around the home to live more sustainable for very little effort, even simple things such as turning off the lights when you leave a room, to drying your clothes on an airer instead of putting them straight in the dryer.

Turn off electrics at the plug socket instead off leaving them on standby overnight or pop a no junk mail sign at the door to try and reduce your paper waste. You don’t have to totally overhaul your home to make a difference.


I love a charity shop, you can pick up so many fab items so cheaply but also such a wide range of clothing too. From kids clothing that you don’t mind them getting filthy in, to designer jeans that you might not otherwise be able to afford. Plus by buying second hand you’re stopping so much waste going to land fill.


Going paperless really has made such a huge difference to our life. The amount of mail we were opening and either shredding or filing was huge! I don’t need a copy of my bank statement sat around the house or put away in a file when I can access it straight away from my phone, you can still print anything you need to but the amount of paper saved just from our household must be into the tonnes!

You can even read your favourite newspapers & magazines online saving both print & paper, or borrow books from your local library instead of buying them only to read them once.


Walking or cycling isn’t always an option but I think we could all use our cars less, especially in the warmer months. It’s all too easy to just jump in the car even for short trips, I guess we’re just so used to it but by walking or cycling more we can not only reduce emissions & the fuel we’re using but it’s good for your wellbeing too. The hubby loves cycling to work in the warmer weather, plus he actually got to work a lot quicker instead of sitting in the rush hour traffic.

Do you try to live more sustainable? What easy swaps have you made to reduce your impact?



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