Glasgow is a beautiful city of Scotland. It’s not the capital but it is the largest city of its country. This city is an old port with a fascinating history of its own. There is a lot to see and know about Glasgow. I could write a hundred books if I were to start praising it. But I’ll just sum it up in this short article for you. Here are my favorite six things about Glasgow that’ll make anybody want to move to this city immediately.

The Scotia Bar is reputed to be the oldest pub in Glasgow. Built in 1792 it played host to the merchant sailors bringing goods to Glasgow.


You know how sometimes we have to take a few days off, go to the countryside, and relax our mind and bodies. You don’t have to do that in Glasgow because the city itself is like the countryside. The entire city is filled with greenery. You will find a lot of beautiful parks. If you want to feel like going away from the world, just go sit at a side of river Kelvin.


I was told water is tasteless. I was told wrong. And I would never have found out if I hadn’t moved to Glasgow. The first time I drank water in Glasgow, I wanted to keep drinking it forever. Drinking water in this city is delicious. I got a feeling like water is soft and naturally sweet. I confirmed it with others and found that it actually is different.


Parties are the most exciting part of young life. Don’t know whether you like to party hard or not but you will be glad to know that clubs in Glasgow close at 3 am. This is the reason you will find a lot of underground raves. Even if you are not a party guy or gal, it’s always nice to have a little less restrictions.


Graveyards are supposed to scare us but there is one graveyard in Glasgow where people wish to be buried. ‘The Glasgow Necropolis in Dennistoun’ is a Victorian graveyard where you would only find the graves of very famous and rich people. It is located in one of the highest hills where you can get the view of the entire city. You may want to live in this fascinating city before you plan to die and be buried in this graveyard. Here’s a great site to find the best accommodation in Glasgow on the cheapest rent.

THE LIFE IN LIGHT (When the sun’s out, you’ll know about it)

It rains a lot in Glasgow. People always value what they lack. That’s why Glaswegians love the sun. You can see their enthusiasm called “TAPS AFF” when the sun comes. This term means ‘topless in warm weather’. You will notice topless people lying around in parks with red bulls before you see the sunlight.


There are too many churches in Glasgow. Every time you look up, you will find at least one church in view. If you think that’s too many, there used to be even more than that. So many that many of them were decommissioned in 1970s and turned into pubs and theatres. Now people often enter a building to pray and find a glass of beer in their hands.

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