I do love a bit of making & creating so a Crafty Afternoon was right up my street!

I wasn’t sure what the Hillary’s Blinds Crafty Afternoon would actually entail or what we’d actually be making but the ice was well & truly broken with tea and cake before we got started so already we were onto a winner.

The fabrics we were working with were from beautiful Jewel collection, a collection of fabrics in bold, beautiful gem colours. I chose the stunning Jade collection for my jewellery box as it matched perfectly with my recent Bedroom Makeover.

I’m a dab hand at baking, DIY, decorating etc but I’ve never really turned my hand to sewing and fabrics so I was very pleased that the first craft required the glue gun, now that I can work with! The step by step instructions were great but also gave us the opportunity to be cretive with our designs adding extra details like the buttons & ribbon etc. I just love how mine turned out. Such a simple craft but so effective.

Next up was the Suffolk Puff, no I’d never heard of them either. We even had to google why they were called a Suffolk Puff but were pretty much non the wiser. These little beauties look so complicated and inticate ut they are actually so easy to make with a circle of fabric and a simple running stitch around the edge. Then simply pull the thread tight and it creates the ‘puff’ shape. Layer different sized puffs and attach to pin or hair slide, simples.

Are you a dab hand at crafting or do you stay well away from sharp needles & glue guns?


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