How to create a beautiful, vibrant living room

Thankfully in the modern world, there is a much better understanding of all the interior designs that have ever existed. We can therefore, implement various styles or choose on one style with an educated application. Our homes don’t have to be made up of random items, colours that don’t really go well with the decor, and of course the differing and often contrasting styles we decide for each room. Maybe bedrooms aside because there are our most personal spaces, the entire home can now be styled with an in depth knowledge of the kind of style that you like. Even the randomness of the eclectic interior style isn’t really random, as it too now has a distinct separation from it’s close cousins; also known as art deco and shabby-chic. Companies in the interior design industry know this, and have tried to make various styles become more affordable. This both good and bad, as more people have stylish homes but there are often carbon copies of what your neighbour has. What you then have are quite unimaginative homes, that to you look good but because of your lack of experience in observing other homes you don’t realise until it’s too late that in fact what you have chosen to go with is quite common. A bit of a strange time in the interior world; stylish yet common. The only solution to having the home you truly want is by creating your own decor.


The humble rug is making a huge comeback. Modern home builders are trying to increase the quality and design of the homes they make. This helps when it comes to advertising the home not just for it’s modern style but it’s affluent price tag. So, nowadays hardwood flooring isn’t that uncommon as it once was even just a decade or so ago. It may look quite nice, strong and sturdy floorboards that will last long. Yet, the downside is that the floor can be cold almost all the time. This is especially true if you live in a country that has adverse weather a lot of the year, such as the UK. One does not need to breathe a sigh of disappointment however. So put down your tool for ripping up nails. Rugs have made a huge comeback because they don’t dominate the floor, but they do add in style and comfort to hardwood floors. They allow the balance of fabric and wood, and only reside in a place you want them too such as between the sofas and underneath the coffee table.

Sticking to the ethos mentioned earlier, rather than buy a generic rug that although looks nice but is quite copy and paste, you can design your own rug. This can be done on many different websites of companies that specialise in this sector of the industry. You can choose different patterns to blend or rather, create your own. This would mean that you need to accurately draw your pattern or design. Some companies will even create a rug that has the design from a photograph you choose. For example, if you have the headshot of your pet dog, the company can recreate that picture in the rug with complex dyes and weaving techniques. Bear in mind, since you’re going for something that is bespoke you are in the upper echelon of the price range when it comes to rugs.


If you’re someone that wants something that can perhaps blend the postmodern style with a contemporary interpretation for your dining table, you’re in good hands. There are so many different companies that offer tailored dining tables that you are spoiled for choice. In a second run of luck, you’re also spoiled for choice when it comes to different materials. Contemporary interior design is notorious for using lots of different materials that were once too expensive for the majority of customers. Just be sure that you are wary of what the terms are with regards to your freedom in design. Bespoke is completely custom, from top down everything is made your exact specifications. Tailored is fitted or measured to your liking. This does not mean you have complete choice over the materials or the design. You can pick from what the company offers and choose the sizing and although on the surface that might not seem like much, you should see it as a stepping stone to a truly bespoke table.

You do have a wide range of woods to choose from however, so you can push to the think line of what could be called a personalised table. The classic oak and beechwood are present. For those that love high quality wood, you’re in for a treat. Pick from ash, maple, alder and walnut to name a few. The sizing is completely up to you and what you need. If you have a family you’ll need to figure out how much space you need for each person to sit comfortably and not knock elbows. Once you have the sizing you want, pick from the various designs and you’re on your way to dining on your own tailored dining table.


Maybe in all of the home, the living room is where you would want some kind of customised decor. This is a room that is so often used by all the members of the family, and friends are invited over to lounge and talk. Therefore it seems like the perfect place where you could keep something of yours that is entirely of your own creation. It’s a bit of a gamble, and going to be both challenging and exciting, but you should take possession of the sofa. You can design and build your own sofa right from scratch. Far from the generic designs that you see in shop windows and page after page in online stores, you can design your own sofa for your own needs. It’s a practical item, so don’t get too creative. The first thing you need to do is to design your sofa’s body. Much like you can imagine how real designers do it, you have to draw out the kind of shape and size you want.

When you have this done, you then need to begin by creating your cushions. This is because once you have the shape and size of the cushions you want then you can move on to accurately building the structure. As ever, specialist companies like any foam are where you should go to have your bespoke cushion material made. You can choose from their block products or go totally free form whereby they will cut out the shape that you give them along with the dimensions you want. Once you have this done, then you need to contact a bespoke fabric company or cushion company that can create the covers for your new cushions. After this lengthy process you’ll need to head off to a talented carpenter that needs to be brought up to speed with your sofa design. They will then use their skill to create not only the support that will allow your sofa’s shape to come to life but to make it so that the support of you and your family can be beared by the structure. Once you have this all done, you can put together your sofa just like you normally would if you had bought it from a catalogue. Indeed it’s a lengthy process but this is perhaps the epitome of bespoke decor. How many people can say their sofa is entirely made by themselves to their exact specifications?

Thinking about what makes a home truly special, one comes to the conclusion that the style is the most important. It’s great to have an adept understanding of the various styles that are in the mainstream but have you ever considered your own style? This can only come from having some kind of discernible taste which you can then implement into a real design. Starting off you should design your own rug. That would make a great first piece that might start the ball rolling to creating a bespoke home. Taking the next step to creating your own bespoke interior, consider the dining room decor. Tailoring a dining table to your exact dimensions and materials is one of the first big steps you can take to reimagining one of the staples of interior design.

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