So, you’re a busy mum, but, there’s no reason that you won’t enjoy decorating your home’s interior space and considering how each room is utilised by your family. Therefore, you’ll find the task of decorating your little one’s bedrooms a joy. Kids bedrooms and play spaces are the perfect chance to have fun with your interior and design ideas, and you’ll be able to bring a touch of magic into your household.

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However, the challenge will lie in creating a usable environment which can evolve and appeal to your kids as they grow up and their tastes change. There are an array of ways to bring the magic and excitement into their room, without making massive changes to the structure or layout of the space. The following are some ideas, inspiration, and advice for parents who want to add considered design, and a thoughtful magic touch to their kids bedroom, so that they have the best environment to grow and develop.


Kids love nothing more than having their own little den, nook, or fort, so why not create a permanent one in their bedroom space? One or two areas of the room can be sectioned off, and become a place where your children go to read, play, and use their imaginations. Whether you have a wooden floor or carpet in the room; separate the area with a fluffy or textured rug; a different floor will help remove the nook from the rest of the bedroom, and will add to its cosy feeling. The bed can also become a space where your kid wants to snuggle up and read before drifting off to sleep. Whether your little one is of an age where you want to look into a supplier of luxury cots, or they are ready for something a little bigger; it’s worth considering how they’ll be able to grow into their space. The soft and comfy places in the bedroom should have a covered area to add to the den feel and ensure that they feel secure and warm.


Lighting can set the mood and feeling in any room, so it’s worth thinking about how is best to illuminate the space, depending on what your child uses it for. The cosy den areas that were mentioned beforehand need to feel warm, with low-lighting. String and fairy lights will always create a magical atmosphere, so consider putting them up in dark corners, and even around the edge of the floor for some soft up-lighting. You could put up a rope light around the walls; either along the floor’s edge or above a picture rail or below coving. A dimmable light will give your little ones plenty of options regarding what they want to do at the time; if they don’t feel like reading by torchlight, they can turn it up a little, and they can have the lights low when it’s time to unwind and relax. Lights can also simply be decorative and a flexible way to create little areas of interest in their bedroom. Perhaps the wire on string lighting will provide the perfect place to peg-up photos, images, and pictures of your little one’s family, friends, and favourite characters. Using postcards and pictures to display what your child is loving at that time is another flexible way to change and update the space, giving you more options as they get older.

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