Buying your own home can be so exciting but so scary too. Not only do you have to think about the financial side but also the potential renovation too.

Even if you’ve owned your own home for a while like us, there’s still so much upkeep year on year. When we first moved in nearly ten years ago there was a lot of work that needed to be done and we really had to prioritise. The kitchen and bathrooms were our priority and that’s where we spent the money.

Fast forward ten years and there’s jobs we wish we had of done earlier, or things that now need replacing such as the doors and windows. The front door was the first thing that needed doing as each winter the door & frame would swell. This year we had enough and had the door and framework completely replaced, but we’re now finding fault with our uPVC windows.

Condensation is forming between the double glazing, the handles have seen better days and the frames are no longer white. Now we have a gorgeous new door, the windows are really noticeable. We live in a lovely little Victorian terrace and the white windows just don’t do the house justice.

I’d love beautiful wooden windows but have always been put off as I didn’t really know much about them or how long they last, plus our experience with the front door really put us off. But I’ve recently found out about Accoya. It’s a lot more stable than some other woods with reduced shrinkage & swelling meaning that doors and windows open effortless all year. No more struggling like we used too with the old wooden frame.

It’s super durable and is one of the hardiest woods currently used in home improvements, plus coatings such as paint or varnish can be applied easier and last longer.

It’s sustainable sourced and is a natural wood, treated with a process that is designed to be as natural as possible.

I think Accoya wood is definitely one that we need to consider.


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