How is my baby boy four already? Time just goes so fast.

He had a fab time for his birthday. It was quite stressful for him at first as due to his Autism he doesn’t really understand birthdays & Christmas. He freaked out a little when he saw his presents and balloons but once I showed him how to open them he was straight it. Well until he started opening clothes, he wasn’t very impressed with that!

His favourite presents were definitely his LEGO & LEGO table, he loves them so much. We’ve played with the LEGO more than any of his other toys since his birthday. And it’s covered the living room more than any of his other toys.


The Play-Doh was another favourite. His face lit up when he opened his new set, but it didn’t last long before it was all mixed together into a big brown blob.

Instead of a big birthday party, which he just wouldn’t have coped with, we went to the Autism session at Jump Nation. They were kind enough to let us bring along two of his friends without Autism which was great for him. He was able to run & jump and just generally let off steam without getting too overwhelmed. He just wouldn’t cope with the normal sessions which can be super busy, noisy & bright.

We had a great weekend, have a look at the video below to see the whole weekend vlog.

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