I’ve been thinking a lot about change recently. Thinking about the things in my life I’m unhappy with and making choices to change things. To make me happy, to make me the person I want to be.
I wrote recently about starting to put my self first, and not seeing it as a selfish thing to do. Sometimes we need to put ourselves first in order to be the best person we can, for our kids, for our partners, friends and families but most importantly for us.

I’m not unhappy with my life by any means but there are a few things about ME I’m unhappy with, and that’s not putting myself down. It’s acknowledging those little niggly things that I don’t like, that don’t make me happy and changing them.

I’m my own worse critic, in every sense, when really I should be my own cheerleader. I need to be able to accept myself yet still feel motivated to make the changes I need to make me happy.

I pick at things about myself that I don’t like instead of focusing on the good. I’ve put on weight since my spinal op due not being able to exercise as much but also due to the fact I’ve been kidding myself about what I eat. I’ve realised I’m a bit of an emotional eater and will ‘cheer myself up’ with a treat. But instead of making myself feel better it’s just been making things worse. I’m not happy with my weight but I’ve been sabotaging myself at the same time.

I’ve realised, and accepted that I have good days & bad days. The bad day doesn’t need to turn into a bad week, it’s not about treating myself to something that will take me further away from my target. Or punishing myself when I do slip up. It’s about being honest with myself and accepting that I might make mistakes but I can learn from them and keep improving, and keep moving towards my target.

We need to celebrate our successes. That doesn’t mean being big headed or gloating, it means looking at what we’ve achieved. We have all done some pretty amazing things. We’re raising children, or working on our careers, running our own businesses or keeping a happy home.

When I think about what I’ve achieved since taking redundancy from my job, I realise it’s huge! I’ve built a cake business that I’ve handed over to my sister to manage. I taught her everything I know about creating beautiful cakes and she’s amazing at it. I won’t take anything away from her as she’s got such an amazing natural talent , but I must have done something right.

I’ve built my blog up from some little ramblings a couple of years ago to it now being my full time job. Something I actually earn more from than I did my cake business, and I’m so proud of that. I want to keep progressing and keep moving forward with it. Especially now I’ve rebranded the blog and changed the name to something that feels more like me. I’ve found so much more motivation. I’ve found my passion in writing again, I’m actually writing so much more now. That small change in the blog name has made such a huge difference to how I feel about my blog.

Again, it’s not about saying ‘look at me, look what I’ve done’. It’s about saying yes, I did that and I’m bloody well proud of what I’ve achieved.

We need to replace our inner critic with a cheerleader to spur you on through the good days and the bad. To tell us how well we’re doing, who believes in us, and that needs to be us!




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  1. April 4, 2017 / 11:08 am

    I totally agree, I’ve had similar thoughts lately.

    We are amazing!

  2. April 4, 2017 / 11:56 am

    I love this! I’m constantly bringing myself down and am too afraid to ever say anything nice about myself, but it’s got to stop. People don’t want to be around those who constantly put themselves down, it’s so negative. From now on I am going to try harder at liking myself and feeling genuinely proud of my accomplishments, I hope it works!

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