We had a fabulous family holiday at Bluestone National Park Resort, it was five lovely days away that we all needed. It gave us a chance to relax and spend some quality time together away from the stress of everything. I’ve already written about our First Thoughts and the accomodation at Bluestone so feel free to catch up on that too. As we wanted to just have a really chilled out holiday with no stress we decided we were just going to take it easy and not over plan any activities or create an itinerary, we’d just take each day as it comes and do whatever we fancy!

Camp Smokey & The Woodland Trail

On the Monday we arrived early to explore Bluestone, after checking in & parking up we headed down to the woods as it was such a beautiful day for a walk. Down in the woods is Camp Smokey, a gorgeous log cabin restaurant. It’s just so beautiful down there. The boys loved going exploring and roasting marshmallows by the camp fire. Well Brandon did, Archie was obviously too young but did enjoy fruit & doughnut chocolate fondue! They have a bar and serve BBQ style meals but the boys just wanted dessert. There’s a beautiful nature trail running through the woods that takes you down to the lake. We have a Mamas and Papas Sola City with big wheels so attempted the red trail with the buggy. If you just have a stroller then I’d definitely recommend you stick to the green trail or leave the buggy back at the cabin. For the most part the pathways are gravelled but the further into the walk you go then the more steep & uneven it gets. Archie had some fun with Daddy dragging him the woods.

The Lake

The weather was stunning whilst we were at Bluestone so a walk around the lake was a must. Archie loved exploring and having a nosy at the ducks. There are a number of lake side lodges, it must be so nice to sit outside of your lodge to such a pretty view. The gravel path runs all around the edge so great for cycling or pushing the buggy round.

The Village Centre

With Bluestone being such a big resort it’s great to have a Village Centre, there’s everything you need there including a shop, cash machine & information centre. The shop is well stocked with plenty of choice and isn’t extortionate which is a bonus. We did a big Tesco shop on the way down to Wales but still needed to pop in for bread and milk (and chocolate).

It was lovely to pop into the pub, the Knight’s Tafaern for a cheeky beer after a long walk through the woods & round the lake. Outside the pub is a lovely little green for the small ones to run round on. But this is no where near as much fun as the Treehouse Playground!

I don’t know why but most of my playground photos have gone AWOL so I can’t share the full photos with you but it was so much fun. Archie loved crawling through all the tunnels to get from one tree house to the other, me on the other hand not so much, it was a bit of a tight squeeze in some of those tunnels! Archie’s favourite part of any park is the slide so he loved that there was a couple of different ones to choose from.

The Blue Lagoon

I didn’t take my camera into the Blue Lagoon for obvious reasons so have had to use photos taken from the Bluestone website instead, not the best quality but it does show you how fab the pool is. The hubby & Brandon went off to ride the water slides whilst Archie & I headed off to the kids pool (not shown). The kids area is great, it’s secured with a gate so no little feet running off, plus there’s a cute little rock pool that Archie loved splashing about in. Archie’s not so keen on swimming, I do try to take him regularly although not always successful but we persevered for as long as possible to give Brandon time to enjoy himself.

The Circus Room & Toddler Sensory

I think the Circus Room was Archie’s favourite place, mine too if I’m honest as it was so much easier to Archie to manage with his Autism. The Circus Room is a fab indoor play room with lot’s of toys and activities plus a cute little soft play area which is perfect for both toddlers & babies.

This is the room where they run most of the toddler & baby activities. I booked Archie onto Toddler Sensory as I thought this would be the one group activity he would be most likely to tolerate as he really enjoys sensory play but he was having none of it. He just wanted to play alone and didn’t want to get involved in any of the structured activities at all. I was anticipating this as he struggles with social interaction due to his Autism, but I thought I’d try anyway. The first half of the session was free play, which if I’m honest I was pretty disappointed with. The room is free to use anyway so paying £7 for an hour’s activity of which the first 30 mins is the ‘free’ part just didn’t make sense. Either make it an hour’s full sensory session or charge £3.50 for the half an hour session.

The Activity Centre

How amazing is this indoor activity centre? I haven’t included photos of everything either as with my playground photos some disappeared! This is where a lot of fun happens for all ages. Archie has the most fun in the soft play area here, especially on the slide (not the big yellow one even though he would’ve if we’d let him!). The hubby & teenager spent their time in the arcade playing pool, whereas me & Archie had fun playing with the Lego, well Archie’s idea of fun is sorting it into colours! We had a little play on the bouncy castle but as it got a little busier Archie didn’t cope very well, instead we had a little stroll around the mini golf course. All in all we had a great time, there’s s much to do for all ages. We have a teenager and a toddler and not once did we hear a ‘I’m bored’ and we spent 90% of our time at the resort. We only went into Tenby for a couple of hours as the hubby & Brandon both wanted a proper chippy tea, you really don’t have to leave the site as there’s plenty of pubs & restaurants along with all the other facilities and activities. I would definitely recommend Bluestone and can see ourselves coming back here for another family holiday. It’s a beautiful, relaxing yet fun place and was just what we needed.

*we were gifted four nights accommodation in return for an honest review




  1. April 15, 2015 / 2:19 pm

    We were lucky enough to visit Bluestone last month and it is lovely there isn’t it, I’d love to go back next year! x

  2. April 21, 2015 / 10:09 am

    We’re going to Bluestone now and I can’t wait! It all sounds fab (but it’s good to know about the toddler classes as my little guy often chooses to play on his own anyway as well!)
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