We love getting out and about with the little man and our dog. He loves running around after the dog, tearing about and burning of some of that energy of his.
We’re really lucky that we have some amazing country walks right on our doorstep but we don’t always have the amazing weather to go with it. More often that not we’re all coming home covered in mud!

Archie’s never really been fond of wellies, especially the hard, stiff type. Because of his Autism he really struggles with sensory issues around his clothing. He hates seams, zips, buttons, so much irritates his skin and makes him uncomfortable so we’re so glad we’ve finally got a soft, comfortable pair of wellies for him from BOGS Footwear.

They still have the usual rubber bottom half but the top half is made from a fully waterproof material that goes all the way inside to give a comfortable fit but also to keep the feet nice & warm.

I just love the handles on them, it makes them perfect for the kids to put on themselves, plus when they are muddy the handles make them so much easier for mum or dad to get a grip of them without ending up with grubby hands!

I was a little worried about how they would clean up given that they are partly material but as they are waterproof a quick wipe over and they are clean again, ready for another puddle.

Overall we were really please with the BOGS wellies, they are a great all rounder for being out & about in all weather. From muddy puddles to country walks and fab in the snow due to the slip resistant grip and material inner keeping the tootsies warm. Plus they look seriously cute too, and come in lot’s of different colours and fabrics. The adult styles are pretty funky too. Maybe I’ll treat myself to a pair for festival season…

You can check out the full BOGS footwear range here


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