Eeeeek it’s all confirmed, I’m going to Britmums Live, my first ever blogging conference & I’ll be honest I’m pretty damn nervous but so unbelievably excited; I’m like a kid at Christmas!

I‘m so glad I’m meeting some lovely ladies in London & staying in the same hotel, this will definitely help shake the nerves!

I left it last to start thinking about Britmums, literally deciding less than a month at 10pm on a Friday night that I really wanted to go. I sat & wrote my ‘Sponsor Me’ request post and published it that night. Unbelievably I had my accommodation sponsorship offer that same weekend!! I still haven’t got a sponsor for my ticket & train travel at a total cost of £150, so if you’re reading this *nudge, nudge, wink, wink* and you or someone you know may be interested then just give me a shout.

It’s excited to be taking my blog to the next level, I’ve had some amazing opportunities lately and my readership & social media following has been steadily increasing. I’ve even jumped 1200 places to 334 in the Tots100 in just seven months, this is mind blowing to me as I never thought my little blog would be anything more than just my little space of the internet.

Anyhoo, here’s a little bit about me

Name: Toni

Blog: Gym Bunny Mummy

Twitter ID: @gymbunnymum

Height: 5″ 5ish a lot taller in heels!

Hair: dark brown with ombre ends but this will probably be all dark by next week my greys are taking over!

Eyes: Bluey hazel

Is this your first blogging conference?: Oh yes, excited & nervous at the same time

Are you attending both days?: Yes, I’m staying for the whole weekend!

What are you most looking forward to at BritMums Live 2015?: Meeting other bloggers and learning from some amazing people. I’m also so excited to see the lovely Vicki from HonestMum.com, she’s been so supportive & inspirational I just hope I get a chance to say hi.

What are you wearing?: I haven’t got a clue yet but definitely not leggings!! I’m hoping the weather will hold up & I can wear a summer dress.

What do you hope to gain from BritMums Live 2015?: I really want to improve my photography and maybe, just maybe build enough confidence to start my YouTube channel. Overall I just want to keep growing my blog especially in regards to the Autism Awareness, help & advice, I’ve had so much lovely feedback about how my blog has helped other parents & I think that’s pretty awesome!

Do you have any tips to pass on to others who may not have been before?: I think the main thing is to try & connect with people before going. I’ve had other bloggers tell me they felt like they really missed out last year as they didn’t have the confidence to talk to people and just blended into the background. If I hadn’t of made arrangements to meet up with other bloggers I think this could have easily of been me this year.

If you’re going too I hope to see you there!

I’m going to BritMums Live


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