Choosing the right swimwear for your bodytype with Zoggs

Ladies, which body part do you like the least? We’ve all got one, but whether it’s your legs, tummy, boobs, nose or the little toe on your left foot, should it stop you getting out there and enjoying life to the fullest? Hell no!

Your body is amazing. It’s capable of doing wonderful, exhilarating things and swimming is one of them, so don’t let body confidence issues stand in your way, face them and then manage them as best you can with the right kind of swimwear.

From petite to plus size swimwear for women, here’s a few of the confidence boosting features to look out for:


Full front or partial tummy control panels sit inside the costume hidden from view so no-one will know they’re there. They’re designed to hold and support your middle to give you less jiggle and a smoother, more flattering shape.


Whatever your bust size, you can now find all sorts of one-piece swimsuits, tankinis and bikinis that have the right level of support for you. Here’s what to look out for:


If you have a small bust, a simple lining that puts an extra, invisible layer between your boobs and the outside world could be all the support you need to feel comfortable and confident at the pool.


A shelf bra is a built-in support that grips the body just beneath the bust and forms a soft yet secure lining over your bosom up to the neckline to give you a little extra lift and comfortable support.


Fixed or removable foam cups are ideal for ladies blessed with a bigger bosom. With a choice of foam thickness, you can enjoy greater levels of shaping, lift and support to achieve a well-proportioned feminine look.


Removable cups can be matched with other adjustable features like shoulder straps and bust or waistline ruching details which make it easy for you to tweak the fit of your swimming costume and tailor it to your body shape or mood.

These adjustable features are great if you, like most women, have days when you’re bloated or carry a little extra water weight, because they can be adapted to give you the support and comfort you need for every single swim.

Choosing the right swimwear for your bodytype with Zoggs


If you lack body confidence, it takes real guts to pull on a swimsuit and head to the local pool or far-flung beach and every woman who dares to bare in a swimming costume should be applauded.

Something as simple as a full or partial lining, which puts an extra barrier between your body and the outside world, can offer comforting levels of coverage and light support.


During what is a uniquely blissful and exhausting time in your life, swimming is essential for getting safe amounts of exercise and enjoying the buoyant support that water can give you and your growing bump.

Your body will change dramatically in a relatively short space of time so you’ll need maternity swimwear that can accommodate your new body shape and continue to provide the support you need through each trimester.

Once upon a time pregnant ladies had to rely upon plus size swimwear to enjoy swimming but an increasing variety of purpose-made, one or two-piece maternity swimsuits are becoming available. Look out for those with high-stretch tummy panels, adjustable straps and removable cups.

With such a variety of features available, every woman can now find the right swimming costume to support, enhance and flatter their body shape.

Match the features that are right for you with a colour or design that complements your skin-tone or beach accessories and you’re ready to swim with confidence and enjoy all that a dip in the pool or sea has to offer.

Whether you want these features in petite or plus size swimwear, you can find the perfect swimsuit for your body shape online in the Zoggs, Swimshapes range for ladies.


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