It’s nearly the end of November and Christmas is coming fast! I’m so excited for this year, I’m really hoping that Archie will enjoy Christmas for the first time this year.

He’s nearly five but because of his Autism he doesn’t really understand about Father Christmas, and can get overwhelmed by the decorations, change in routine, the extra people visiting and even the presents. But he did enjoy opening his birthday presents this year so we’re really looking forward to seeing his face on Christmas morning as I know he’s going to love some of the presents we’ve gotten him.

Here’s a selection of some of the fab presents already wrapped and stashed upstairs plus some others that I know the littlies will love.


I can’t wait to fill this gorgeous personalised Christmas Eve box with goodies for Archie. I have absolutely no idea what I’ll be putting in it yet. I think I’ll be adding new pj’s, a Christmas DVD & some yummy snacks but I need to get thinking about what else to put in there. It’s the first time I’m doing a Christmas Eve box for Archie as it’s the first year he’s starting to understand. I can’t wait to see his face when he opens it.


These will be another little addition to Archie’s Christmas Eve box along with his new PJ’s. We’ll have a nice cosy Christmas Eve, playing in the bubble bath, putting on his new PJ’s and watching a film. Good Bubble brings you gorgeous, gentle formulations that truly nourish your hair and skin. Rich in nutrients, free from harsh chemicals and kind to the planet. Made with only the best intentions. No tears. No nasties.


This is definitely Archie’s favourite game ever, he loves the Bunny Hop game & plays with it so much. We bought him one for his birthday but quite a few of the carrots were chewed by our dog so we’ve got another one for Christmas.

This game has really helped Archie learn to take turns and to let others join in playing with him. You can see the excitement build in his face as each carrot is taken from the game until the bunny jumps out & he squeals. It’s so funny to watch and a great game that the kids can play with together or for the adults to join in too. He loves playing it with Grandma waiting for her to jump out of her skin!


How stunning & utterly adorable is this Ergobaby Keith Haring Doll carrier? Perfect for any little one that wants to carry their baby or teddy just like mummy & daddy. It’s the perfect way to for little ones to join in with babywearing and to show their best friend the love & comfort they had as a worn baby.


How cute are these? We love Itty Bitty’s in our house, Archie has a collection of Superheroes so we’re adding the Mickey & Minnie Mouse from the Itty Bitty Christmas range too. He loves anything collectable and you can get them in so many different characters from Disney to Star Wars, Marvel to DC Comics right through to the Flintstones, Scooby Doo and even the Wizard of Oz!


OMG the Playmags are one of the best toys we’ve ever gotten for Archie, he absolutely adores them, seriously! He loves building different things with them, castles, houses even just stacking them in big piles giggling as the pull themselves together, popping into place.

It’s one of those toys that keeps him happy and playing for ages but he’ll also let us join in playing with him too. This is something he’s really struggled with before due to his autism but the Play mags just mesmerise him so much that he’ll let us take turns as he just loves to see them all come together.

And an added bonus as they all pop together they don’t take up much space in the toy box either, and we’ve taken them with us to restaurants to keep him occupied instead of the iPad.


The Lalaloopsy Jewel’s Glitter Makeover Doll is a gorgeous princess doll who’s waiting for a shimmering makeover. Glitterise; colour streak and style Jewel’s hair just like in the Netflix series. You can even colour streak your own hair too and be just like princess Jewel Sparkles! It’s a great gift for ages four and up and my niece is going to love opening it on Christmas morning.


Everyone needs new slippers & PJ’s at Christmas, it’s the unwritten rules we all abide by! This year these Unicorn Slippers are my absolute favourite’s, you’ve got to love a unicorn, especially some fluffy ones for your feet!


Now this is a game for the adults too and not just the kids, it’s hilarious. You have to wear these crazy glasses that distorts your vision and draw a picture whilst the other players have to attempt guess what you’ve drawn! We love playing the Googly Eyes game as a family, it’s so funny seeing the kids laughing at us & our ridiculous drawings but it also makes a fab drinking game too, obviously not one for the kids to join in! We’ll be pulling this game out all over Christmas!


My little man loves anything collectable, if it comes in a blind bag or a blind box then its a winner for him no matter what it is. But if it’s collectible figures that he can line up & organise then it’s the best thing ever! I can’t wait to see his face when he opens these Awesome Little Green Men.


I absolutely adore this light up message box, it looks so pretty in the house especially now it’s darker in the evenings and mornings. Not only is it a bit of fun with the changeable messages but it looks pretty funky too, and actually gives off a decent amount of light so you can use it as a lamp or a night light for the kids room. Or if you’re a blogger like me then it’s fab as a prop too for your photos.






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