Clinique even better glow foundation review

Foundation is on of my favourite makeup products, it makes such a difference to your skin especially if you’re a mama, you can go for the natural look or something more dramatic depending on the type of finish you go for.

There’s a few things I look for when choosing a foundation. I want a decent coverage, something that’s going to brighten my face & take away that tired mama look as I’ve got a boy that just doesn’t sleep. I’ve got a few fine lines around my eyes, I’m 36 now so my skin has really changed, I need something that won’t cake & sit into the creases.

I put it out there on my Facebook page & Instagram & asked for recommendations for a good foundation & so many people said Clinique Even Better Glow foundation so off I popped to give it a try. I even picked up the Even Better Glow concealer too.

Clinique Even Better Glow foundation is all about giving you glowing skin when you’re wearing it, plus including lots of ingredients to help improve your skin over time. Going against all those myths about foundation being ‘bad for’ your skin, it sort of combines skincare elements with that perfecting effect of foundation.

I use a buffing brush & beauty blender to apply this foundation & find that it perfects my skin without looking heavy. It just evens out my skin tone & cover the dark circles & slight blemishes I have.

The finish looks really natural but flawless, and definitely doesn’t cake on the skin or dry it out. I love the way it brightens my complexion & makes me look like I’ve actually had a decent nights sleep. But most of all it doesn’t sit in the lines around my eyes. With so many foundations, they look great when first applied but after a few hours they have creased & make my lines look so much worse, so this foundation is an absolute winner in that area.

Clinique even better glow foundation review

This is the same with the concealer. I specifically chose the concealer for brightening the under eye area & hoping it wasn’t going to make my fine lines look like craters & I was seriously happy with the look. The concealer is a fuller coverage than the foundation so perfect for dark circles or blemishes. I have some veins on my jawline that need a little extra coverage so I’m reaching for this concealer no matter what foundation I’m using.

I’ll definitely be buying this foundation again, it is pricier than my usual drugstore foundations at £28 but I think it’s worth the extra cash for boost to my skintone.

There are 30 shades in the range so a good range of colours to suit a variety of skintones. I am wearing the shade Honey & 04 Medium in the concealer.


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