Everyone dreams of owning a home that is stylish and comfortable. And safety is always a priority when you’re a Mama. It’s not always easy to maintain all of these things all of the time throughout your home. One place where it is particularly difficult to achieve this is the garden. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Try some of these tips and tricks to help you make your garden the best place for you and your kids to spend quality time together:


Some plants and flowers can be poisonous. Others can cause stings and cuts. Get to know the different species that are growing in your garden. Over time, this might even lead to a new-found interest in gardening and growing. You might even think about growing fruits and vegetables. Start small by planting a little herb garden. It could be the start of something you can enjoy doing with the kids too.

Children are fascinated by the things they’ll find in the garden. Credit

Planting and growing give you the opportunity to teach your kids about the importance of washing hands and washing the produce you bring in. Even tiny tots are happy to collect things to put in a cute little basket without having to put everything in their mouths. They might become more open to eating fresh vegetables and fruits that they have helped to grow. It’s a good way to introduce healthy eating and even cooking to little ones.


In the UK there are a few months in the winter when it can be difficult for things to grow. However, every time there is a mild spell, you might notice daffodils, violas, and Helleborus offering a splash of colour. Aim to plant colourful flowers for every season so that you can enjoy a beautiful view all year round. Many shrubs and bushes are evergreens. They also offer texture and shape to your garden. Heather is particularly attractive.

Planting a tree is quite an event. You know it will take years for it to grow and produce the blossoms or fruit you’re waiting for. But once it reaches that maturity, you’ll be delighted with what it can offer. In the summer you’ll have the perfect place to sit in the shade from the sun. In the winter, you’ll spot the wildlife coming to the tree looking for something to eat. And later in the year, you might enjoy a bumper crop of fruit to sell or store in the freezer.


Now you’ve got the view designed, you need to consider your comfort. Pick a really good furniture set that allows you to sit comfortably all afternoon when you’re entertaining. You should pick quality garden furniture that can withstand everything each UK season throws at it. Websites like can give you a few ideas about what you should be looking for here. Go as big as you can so everyone can enjoy sitting at the table or on the sofa together. Pick cushions that offer luxurious comfort. You might find you prefer being out here than back indoors!

Even hot summer days can suffer a passing shower. Consider how you’ll keep your dining area covered. The sun can spoil food quickly, and a shower will see everyone running back indoors. Use a gazebo, or a fixed roof dining patio off your back door. If you have 3 walls, you might even be able to use this area as an outdoor kitchen. You’ll need a good grill and some worktops to store your plates and trays.


You’ve got your planting laid out, and you’ve built up your cooking and dining areas. Now you need some finishing touches. Water features offer a lot of benefits. The sound of the flowing water can be very relaxing. Watching the water move also helps to reduce stress and anxiety. You might have a pond with waterlilies and fish.

Beautiful water offers style for your garden. Credit

Lighting in the garden is a great idea when you’re entertaining. The sun can go down far too early! Solar powered lighting is free to use, and usually offers a good few hours of illumination. Decorate your pergola or gazebo with fairy lights. Install step LEDs or sunken lights into your decking. Don’t forget your patio set lights too. You might even have a stove outside so you can all keep warm.

Garden ornaments, benches, swing seats, and statues all add character to your garden. They help you to define your style and create the exact look you envisage. Placement is really important. Offer a different focus from every seating area. Mix up the views and the optical delights!


Of course, gardens can be hazardous, so it’s important to focus on safety as much as design. Start with your perimeter or boundary. Is all of your fencing secure and your gate lock functional? This deters intruders and can also stop animals entering your garden. This is essential when you have small children playing outside. A secure fence prevents your nippers and your pets from wandering off!

When you have water in the garden, it’s best to install safety railing. You might love the idea of having a pool or a large pond in your outside space. The trouble is, it is so dangerous for your pets and your children. Simply install railing with a safety gate to avoid terrible accidents.

Fun in the sun is great in small doses. It’s really important for children to wear sun hats and sunscreen at all times when they’re out in the summer. Provide plenty of shady areas for them to play and eat in. Don’t forget to offer lots of extra drinks of water too when it is particularly warm.

Some people are allergic to insect bites or bee stings. Talk to your doctor about safety precautions and treatments. Check your house for nests, and use covered gazebos for the dining area. When you are gardening or mowing, you might disturb creatures that might attack. Try to perform these activities in the middle of the day or early in the morning rather than at dusk. What does your dream garden offer you?

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