What's all the fuss about composite doors?

Okay I know, not the most exciting of titles but bear with me. When my hubby started talking to me about a new front door I thought the same, but Elitis composite doors actually deserve a bit of fuss.

We bought our Victorian terrace about ten years ago and it was in a bit of a mess. We’ve gradually done work to it to get it how we want it, but one thing that always fell to the wayside was the front and back door. Who knows how long these doors had been there but they were in a bit of a mess and in serious need of replacing, but were never the priority. Something in the house always needed doing first.

It eventually got to the stage where we couldn’t even use the front door, as each winter the wooden door and frame would swell up and basically edge the door shut. I don’t know how many door handles we broke trying to get the thing open. The most embarrassing part was when I had to get the delivery driver to pass parcels through the window because there was no other way, shameful I know. He even joked about the hubby keeping me locked up!

What's all the fuss about composite doors?

So, we saved the pennies and decided to go for a gorgeous new composite door. I really didn’t want a plain white UPVC option. If we were going to spend the money I wanted something gorgeous. A front door speaks volumes about a house and after putting up with the previous awful thing, we wanted something robust and sturdy but that would also be eye catching and really suit the red brickwork.

We opted for black and chrome to stand out against the red brick. I love black and think the finish looks stunning. It looks classic and elegant against the street. Also because it’s white on the inside, it blends with our décor perfectly. I love it.

Elitis have some stunning designs in a wide range of colours. I think next time we’ll go for something different, maybe a stable door so I can keep the dog outside if needs be.

We just have to save up all over again to get the back door replaced!



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